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Yahoo mail is definitely one of the best internet web mails - the other one being Gmail.

The really nice features I find are:

  • Yahoo offers unlimited storage. Attachment limit is 25 MB. (see here)
  • The Yahoo Mail interface is great - you can drag and drop messages into folders just like any desktop e-mail client program.
  • Ability to import/export your address book and Calendar to/from programs such as Microsoft Outlook
  • Calendar
  • Notes

Exporting Contacts to Outlook

  • Open Yahoo mail
  • Click "Notepad" then it will take you back to the old yahoo mail interface.
  • Click "contacts" then click "Import/Export" on the right.
  • Click "Export Now" for Microsoft Outlook and save the file as "yahoo_ab.csv" to your desktop.
  • WARNING: A potential problem is that dates are saved in United States format (mm/dd/yyyy) and so if you are using Australian/UK dates (dd/mm/yyyy) and import this directly, the dates (including birthdays) will be screwed up.... To overcome this, go: Start >> Control Panel >> Regional Settings Properties, and in the Regional Settings Properties dialog box select "English (United States)" and hit apply.... once you've loaded all the files and closed Outlook you can then change back to "English (Australia)".
  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Click File >> Import and Export, select "Import for another program or file", then "Comma Separated Values (Windows)", the Browse for the correct file "Next", then make sure "Contacts" is selected for the import and click Finish.

.. NOTE: You can also use this same process to import Calendar, although it tends not to recognize and create reoccurring events like birthdays. :-/

Exporting Contacts to Mac Address Book

Instructions for this are here: How can I sync my Yahoo! contacts to the Mac address book?. In a nutshell:

  1. Open your Mac's Address Book application. From the Address Book menu, select Preferences...
  2. Check "Synchronize with Yahoo!". Click Agree on the terms of service. Then enter your Yahoo! ID and password.
  3. Open iSync. Click the iSync menu and select Preferences.... Ensure the checkboxes for "Enable syncing on this computer" and "Show status in menu bar" are checked. A sync icon will appear in the menu bar (it looks like two arrows in a circle). Click the icon, and then click Sync Now.

Clear Calendar Items

  • In Calendar, go: View >> Arrange By >> Current View >> By Category then select all items (CTRL+A), and then press DELETE.... and you'll then want to go View >> Arrange By >> Day/Week/Month to change it back.