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Andrew Noske
Hi, I'm Andrew Noske, and is my wiki site, where I write public articles on every topic you can imagine.

Name: Dr. Andrew Noske
Occupation: Google Software Engineer
Quick History: I grew up in Australia and did an undergraduate in computer science at James Cook University and a PhD in diabetes research at the University of Queensland. I moved to America for neuroscience, but I've always had a interested in computers, and somehow ended up in Google. I currently live in San Francisco and work for Google Maps. Some of my various passions are dancing, nature, hiking, music, teaching and picking up litter.

About NoskeWiki:

This wiki is my giant online notepad where I record new discoveries in life, code advice and all the cool little computer tips-and-tricks I learn. I like to record as much as possible, because I know if I don't record it here I will lose and forget it. Hopefully you too can benefit from these articles. :)

More info about this site is here... or visit my main site at

Some Favorite Personal Pages:

Here are some of the personal pages which I'm most proud of and send people to most often:

  • Gift ideas - a big list of gift ideas to help you next time a birthday or other special day creeps up!
  • Card messages - if you struggle to write a funny message in a card under pressure here's a one stop solution.
  • 3D printers - a recent passion of mine, visit and you'll see how cool it is to make a custom 3D print in plastic or metal.
  • Lost in translation - a list of Australian words/expression translated into yank (American).
  • Animal poems - a series of poems I'm writing.
  • Online dating - never hurts to have an extra string in your bow - in a busy modern world I'm a big advocate of online dating and recommend this page to most of my friends for advice on how to get started!
  • Funny team names - yup, as it implies - great for the next time you play trivia.
  • For buying / renting stuff:

... the list above above is for the general public... keep in mind most of my pages are computer related so computer people should go here and programmers here. :)


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