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Whenever I'm asked what I want for my birthday or Christmas, I draw a blank.... it's only afterward (i.e. after unwrapping something I don't like, but must pretend to) I suddenly think of stuff I may have liked. There's nothing worse than receiving or giving a gift that gets thrown away, and so I've written below a wish list, so I don't forget next time!

Wish list

...... last updated: Nov 2010

I've tried to order these from least to most expensive.

  • Gloves - my old ones are done for - even by my standards.
  • Electric blanket - I'm not good with cold weather, and always wondered if these work.
  • Powerful laser point - I do a lot of presentation's and the best laser pointer's I've seen have a thick green beam. These "high powered" lasers recently been banned in Australia - some idiots were using them to shine at pilots about to land airplanes - but I'm sure are still available online.
  • Presenter tools - the best ones have back/forward, but also some system where you can move the mouse, scroll wheel, and maybe have a small laser point too. It's largely a personal thing to be honest, so docket would help.

  • OLD:
    • Good quality digital video camera (with hard-drive or flash) - Canon ones appear to the best, and most have >30 GB, but now I own a iPhone and this is really sufficient for my current needs.
    • Remote control tank - I saw one at Fry's that I had a specific plan for, but probably won't go ahead with this anymore
    • Wireless headset with microphone - So I can chat to my sister on Skype without being tied to the computer - trouble is they all seem >$150.... and my computer doesn't have bluetooth. Don't really need this anymore, since I use the microphone in my video camera - no headphones needed.
    • Baby remote control helicopter - sure I'll probably use it five times and never again, but they're also surprisingly cheap.

That's all I can think of for now. With my future so uncertain - I have no idea where I'll be next year - is difficult to think of anything else.

The type of gifts I like

Like most people nowadays, I'm tricky to buy for, as I have most of the stuff I need already. What makes me especially difficult is: (1) I don't have any obvious hobbies where I collect stuff and (2) I can be quite fussy with quality and color! For this reason I always appreciate getting a docket in case I want to return it, or it breaks! But each to his own.

A few things you can't go wrong with though:

  1. Clothes - I rarely buy new cloths and most of my good clothes (the stuff without holes) were gifted from other people! My pant size is: L/92-97cm/36inch and shirt size: ~L/91sleeve,39neck. I'm a sucker for souvenir shirts - especially ones with pictures of animal - but I hate pink.
  2. Lego - I can't believe how expensive it is nowadays! There is a cheap knockoff call "block" which is just as good - and no matter my age it's still fun to put together a little set.
  3. Food - I don't like dark chocolate (too rich for my taste), but I love a good cheese, baked biscuits, muffins etc.
  4. Board Games - I basically have none - games like scrabble everyone should own but I never got that far.

Stuff that doesn't work so well:

  1. Trinkets - even if I like it; I currently don't have the space for anything non-functional! Paintings... maybe - as these can hang on the wall.
  2. Jewelry - as I'm far to manly to wear something around my neck!
  3. Wine - I'm not a big drinker. :-)


  • Gift_ideas - this is a list of gift idea I wrote (so I'd have ideas to get other people), but might work just as well on me. :-)