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This game is fantastic! I was MC at a friends wedding in 2014 and introduced another guest to run this game. Everyone loved it - if you play no other wedding game play this one - it's guaranteed to get some huge laughs.

Below are instructions on how it works, and then some suggested questions. My recommendation is to think up a few more and make some personalized. For example: "who really made the first move at the party at Dave's house". I also think it's great to have someone other than the MC deliver the questions, as it gets more people involved.... it's probably even better if one of the mothers asks the questions - just make sure you chose someone who's a comfortable public speaker and knows how to embarrass people without offending them or getting too crude.

How the Game Works - What to do at the Start

Announce that you're about to do the infamous "wedding shoe game" and do the following:

  • Put two seats, back to back, in front of the reception table.
  • Ask the groom and bride to sit back-to-back (so they can't see each other).
  • Ask the bride and groom to remove their shoes and hold one in each hand. Variation: for a few whistles, ask the groom to sexily remove the brides shoes, then go sit back down and remove his own.
  • Then get them to swap their right shoe with the other, so they are now holding one of each shoe.
  • Tell them that you're going to ask them a series of questions to get to know them better.
  • For each question they have to raise the shoe to answer which person best fits the description.... for example, ask "Who is the prettiest", and they'll probably both raise the bride's shoe.

After a practice / "warm up" question, you can now start asking your pre-prepared list of ~20 questions. Don't try to do it from memory - you need to print a list beforehand!

Wedding Shoe Game - Recommended Questions to Ask

(note: these have been organized by topic)

  • lets start with some relationship questions:
    • Who talks the most? ...... should be an easy one
    • Who is the better cook?
    • Who is the grumpiest in the morning?
    • Who wears the pants?
    • Who is most likely to organize a holiday? .... for example a real honeymoon?

  • now for some romantic stiff:
    • Who said I love you first?
    • Who mentioned marriage first?
    • Who was the first to mention kids?

  • now lets get dirty:
    • Who really made the first move? ...... what was the move?
    • Who spends the most time in front of the mirror?
    • Who is the biggest flirt?
    • Who will fall asleep first tonight?
    • Who was the first to pass wind in front of the other?

  • okay, lets cover the domestic stuff:
    • Who is most likely to use all the hot water?
    • Who was the first to apologise about something.
    • Who started the first argument you ever had?
    • Who has the strangest family? ...... that was a trick question - you guys have the same family now
    • Who is in charge of the remote control?
    • Who manages the finances?
    • Who spends the most money?

  • and now for the lame last question:
    • Who do you love most in this whole wide world?!

After the Game - What to do at the End

Honestly though, this game works brilliantly no matter what you say at the end. You can just say "congratulations, everyone give them a round of applause for doing wo well!", and the audience will give great applause as they go to sit down.

For extra credit points, if you have someone helping, it can be fun to tick and tally which questions they disagreed on. That way, you can give them a "score" at the end, for example: "For the final score: you only disagreed on 5 of the 20 questions, but the fun part is we all know what disagreed on... and you have no idea. You can also joke that the longer they are married, the more they will disagree.

Before your final question you *may* be tempted to ask the audience if they have any questions to add, but chances are they are tipsy, and unless they've seen the game before they won't be able to think of any questions to ask. Unless you've already seeded a couple of well placed audience members with questions, you shouldn't bother opening it up to other questions.

Some Other Questions

About 20 questions is plenty, but below are some suggestions you might like to swap in:

  • some saucy questions:
    • Who is the better kisser?
    • Who is better at oral... hygiene? ..... what - brushing your teeth is VERY important, I do it twice a day.
    • Who is most likely to come first..... to a party?
    • Who is the more adventurous? ..... add "in bed" if you want to.
    • Who is the most satisfied after sex? ... careful with this one!
    • Who is the most naughty.... when it comes to eating unhealthy food?
    • How many times a day do you guys you know - get busy?.... oh wait, that's not a shoe game question, that's something I wanted to ask the groom afterwards, in private.

  • questions about children:
    • Who is more eager to have children?
    • Who wants more children?
    • Who will make a more responsible parent, if you guys do happen to reproduce?

  • more relationship testers:
    • Who has the higher IQ?
    • Who cries the most?.... No serious though, who really cries more?
    • Who will be first to have a mid-life crisis?
    • Who has the more good looking family? ..... yeah, you both really should have raised both shoes for that one.
    • Who organized the first date?
    • Who wins the most arguments? ......
    • Okay, ignoring who wins the argument, who is usually right?
    • Who was younger when they had their first kiss?
    • Who is looking forward to the honeymoon the most? ....... then talk about honeymoon a little.
    • Who is most addicted to gossip, and by gossip I mean Facebook?

  • more domestic stuff:
    • Who is the most likely to to eat ice-cream for breakfast?
    • Who is most likely to get lost?
    • Who is most likely to run late?
    • Who is better at keeping secrets? ...... pfftt... obviously you don't read her Facebook page very often, there's some really great stuff there.
    • Who has the biggest feet? ...... and yes, the answer is right in front of you. What size?... Oh reallllly.
    • Who is the more organized?
    • Who is the better driver?
    • Who is the faster driver?
    • Who is most likely to be arrested?


These videos show how it works.

  • [Wedding Shoe Game - Eric & Dan] - lovely couple, quite funny and I like that the MC defers the question to someone else - and this guy does an amazing job. I stole a lot of my questions above from this video.
  • [Wedding Shoe Game - Young Couple] - very young couple, groom is asked to remove brides shoes and MC does pretty good into where he admits he doesn't know bride and groom very well, so this game is to learn more about them. I feel he asks the questions a little faster than he needed to.