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WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D computer graphics and 2D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins.

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Cool WebGL Examples / Projects

  • Chrome Experiments - has a great collection of cool web GL projects, including several great academic examples.
  • Zygote Body Browser - started as "google body browser" using models from the "Zygote group", but has since become open source.
  • ChemDoogle - a collection of drawing and rendering tools for proteins - my favorite is "molgrabber".

Cool HTML5 Canvas Examples

Web Technology Support

Below is a table showing the support of WebGL and WebSockets in various browsers. This table was compiled by Jeffrey Bush from UCSD and I decided it was too goo not to upload to the web. Be warned the tabled was updated May 15 2012.

IE Firefox Chrome Safari iOS Safari
WebGL Only with IEWebGL 4+ (3/11)* 9+ (2/11)* 5.1+ (7/11) (Lion/SL
only, def disabled)
Websocket 10 day prev 11 (3/12)
6+ as Moz... (8/11)
16+ (12/11)
14+ (9/11)
5.0+ (6/10) 4.2+ (11/10)
Websocket (old) - 4-5 (disabled) (3/11) 4-13 (1/10) 5.0+ (6/10) 4.2+ (11/10)
Web Worker 10 dev prev - - - 5+ (10/11)
WebGL Summary Soon
Wait till IE10 comes
Use IEWebGL for 3D
Need a little extra code for v6-10
People need to enable WebGL
Server needs to work with old-style WS
People need to enable WebGL
Server needs to work with old-style WS
No 3D
But can handle Sockets and Workers
Users Supported 0% 15.3% 17.0% 3.5% (if enabled) -
Users Not Supported 53.5% 5.2% 1.0% 1.5% -

Overall 35.8% of general desktop users have good enough browsers for WebGL. Of the remaining users, 85.3% are IE users.


Acknowledgements: Jeffrey Bush from UCSD for compiling the table of "Web Technology Support"