Video Script: Spontaneous Dance Introduction

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Title: ....... XXX
Length: ..... XX
Credits: .... Andrew Noske


Executive Summary


Script #1: Spontaneous Dance Introduction

Hi, I'm Andrew.

Spontaneous Dance Movement is an idea of encouraging and capturing moments where you dance in unlikely places, no dance floor, no choreography, just some good music which compels you to move. The next time you're walking past a coffee shop with your true-love, or in a park a park with friends... and you hear amazing music. Dance that whole song, create your own dance floor.

If you want to contribute, you can send me your video: plus a sentence about what happened and I'll upload it for you to . If you want to upload it to yourself, I'll make a more detailed video with instructions on how to upload it to youtube yourself, with a fun little sign like this which you can make either before or after the dance!

Use your creativity and as much spontaneousness as possible. A tiny bit of choreography is fine, but awkwardness and silly is way more fun.

Give it a shot.