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Tinder Poem Example

Tinder profile - Michelle ---> Tinder poem - Michelle*

About my Tinder Poems

Dating on Tinder is tricky, how do you stand out. If you don't photo well and don't look like captain America, getting a match is hard enough.... but even when you do match, how to do you spark their interest. I started getting more matches when I was clever enough to put this as my profile picture a photo which advertises my video.... but how would I capture a girls interest in my first message? In 2017, I had a moment of brilliant. I wrote a girl a little poem. Just based on her picture and text. It worked well. She loved it! It wasn't possible for us to meet (she was passing through), but the interaction was fun. I started with something creative, and she appreciated it.

Whenever I have the energy and time, and I see a girl I've matched with that has something special about her, I like to try a poem.... even if she doesn't reply, I get tremendous self amusement which means I've not totally drained my energy, and even if she doesn't reply, it probably got a smile. That's what gives me my smile. :)

So why on earth would I take the only thing that makes me special on Tinder and advertise for other guys to try the same? Well because it's hard out there, and if you are a gentleman, and have creativity, you too deserve to meet someone.... and hopefully you'll reach out and buy me a beer (or send a nice email at least) if you try this, and it leads to you meeting the type of girl you want to marry. It's a good filter for girls with spark.... one who is really incredible might even write you a great poem back. Suddenly you'll both want to meet. :)

I might also be worried that girls I message might see this and feel less special. Well to those girls, I say it's tough out there for a guy. You probably are special, but for us we need to do a mixture of putting in effort, but not too much effort that we get exhausted that 90% of girls usually never reply, and a huge fraction of girls that do lose interest, and a scary fraction of girls who actually agree to a date don't show up.... so yes, there is that. Only by meeting face to face can you determine how compatible you guys are - determine chemistry - but we need that chance first.

For the guys: just remember don't get frustrated if you don't hear back after the effort of your amazing poem. In some cases I showed my friend screenshots of my poems for a chuckle - suddenly it didn't matter if I got a reply..... I made myself happy. :)

Tinder Poem Formula

When you look at the examples below, you'll see that I'm following a pattern for most, except when I feel really inspired to break it. I'm actually no stranger to poetry, but a little guideline can never hurt.

I start by repeating their name twice - so straight away it's obvious it's for them, not a generic cut and paste, and sometimes just their name leads to an easy rhyme on the next line.

However, the next part that follows is critical. You have to look at their photos and pick something that strikes you. Maybe their eyes, hair, ears, a t-shirt, special jewelry, something subtle in the background, and assumption you might make about their interest. Anything. This is amazing practice for dating in general - girls love guys who notice things about them and are brave enough to make guesses, even if your guess (e.g.: favorite color or animal) is wrong. Also read their text, because you might be able to say something funny about that.

<Name>, <Name>,
<Something you notice about them immediately (eyes/smile/style/etc)>.
<Something cute about their text>,
<Something that rhymes with line #2>.

<My favorite photo of you>,
<Is the one which features your style/nature/shirt/hair>.
<Because what girl isn't interested in what profile pick guys like best>,
<And then you rhyme again because you care>.

<Really you only need three versus>,
<But four can be great>.
<But on the very last one>,
<Ask them out on a date>.

For me I like to always finish on something cutsie like:

If you like guys who are tall,
Australian and great.
Reply twice to this,
And we'll go on a date.

... some people avoid the word "date", because some girls might consider that too fast, but I think it's just playful in this context. But hey - make it personal about you.... see if you can rhyme coffee perhaps. I was surprised how quickly some girls agreed, even if not everyone follows through (that's more about the career driven bay area than anything else).

Tinder Poem Examples (with replies)

Tinder profile - Angela ---> Tinder poem - Angela*

Tinder poem - Ahram* Tinder poem - Amanda* Tinder poem - Elizabeth* Tinder poem - Gokce* Tinder poem - Jennifer* Tinder poem - Karla* Tinder poem - Kate* Tinder poem - Lenny* Tinder poem - Tess*

Tinder Poem Examples (without replies)

... because I don't want to give you the impression this always works.

Tinder poem - Annie Tinder poem - Aran Tinder poem - Bridget Tinder poem - Catty Tinder poem - Erica Tinder poem - Genevieve Tinder poem - Katrin Tinder poem - Kesley Tinder poem - Kristi Tinder poem - Lexy Tinder poem - Lisa Tinder poem - Lizzy Tinder poem - Mariah Tinder poem - Mira Tinder poem - Molly Tinder poem - Samantha Tinder poem - Tatjana Tinder poem - Theresa Tinder poem - Zoe

So yep, none of these got replies... maybe some were too daring, and in other cases I didn't proof before sending, which is a huge mistake, because one typo ruins the whole poem. Still, even these poems with no replies, make me chuckle. :)


Hope you have me success writing your own poems. If you are bad with rhyming, you can also do a name poem. For example "ANNA" might become:


... I find those a little lame though. I prefer to be a little more romantic than that if I have the energy.

Take everything I write with a grain of salt though - I've been trying internet dating for years, and I'm still single. I don't know if it's because I'm fussy or I'm in the absolute wrong area for meeting girls. Anything that helps isolate girls that have fire and passion in life however, is helpful.


    Andrew Noske

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