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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Graphic Scales

The world is polarized by people who are incredible at technology, and those who struggle to use the microwave. Ever met someone who takes apart devices "just for fun" - the same devices you swear at and slap with your hand in frustration - they tinker with those for fun. They like the challenge. This graphic is dedicated to you beautiful people.

My Graphical Representation of a "Tech Savvy Scale" (0-10)

No explanation required

The idea: Send to your friends and ask them where they rank you. If you can't figure out how to download and then send is image to them... well you kind of already know the answer. :)

PS: You can also just sent the URL.... I believe in you - you can do this without asking your friend's kids. I believe in you!

There's no device on earth you can't figure out how to turn on. Of course you can't turn on your own girlfriend - probably you don't even have one - but at least you can fix your friend's DVR setup and then you'll want to install smart lights, just because you can. You understand how to talk to Alexa better than you'll ever talk to a real human, but the world has a place for people like you. Millennia's are learning to use tables before they wean off breastfeeding - or maybe even before they start - and they use Instagram at 1000 miles per minute by the time they learn to talk. In the meantime, you can barely figure out that God-awful Facebook interface to see pictures of your friends new kid.

All you grandpas out there need someone to help turn on your sound system (assuming it's not vinyl), so be just nice to those little smug terds that they will help you when you ask them. And when that fails, threaten to turn off the modem or cut the power to the house if they do not. You probably don't know how to do either of those things, but they will be too scared to call your bluff.

Acknowledgements: My wonderful friend Shar... who wants me soon to help her use Amazon to give a rating for my book. Yup, she can't figure it out.... but she's easy to love all the same. :)

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