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This page is a personal list of options/things to do on the weekends in San Diego which I wrote, since I couldn't always figure out what to do on the weekends. My unit was in the UTC area, so lots of the places mentioned nearby. :-P

Indoors (for rainy days):

Reading (indoors)


Playing Music (saxophone, guitar)

Board Games

  • Card games, or go out and buy a new board game to try out place.
  • Social games like charades can be fun too.

Watch Movies or TV

Go to Cinema

  • LandMark Theatre - one in La Jolla (near house) and another in Hillcrest. (website/times)
  • AMC La Jolla - mainstream stuff (~$11) (website/times)

Computer Games

Ice Skating


Laser Tag

Go Somewhere to Eat

  • Sometimes a restaurant - a place like BJs - is a great way to get out of the house.
  • Another option is to take a trip to get a coffee or maybe visit a frozen yogurt place.


(see below)

Outdoor (sunny days)


There are many good beaches around San Diego, although usually too cold for swimming! Instead beaches are best for long walks, or reading / people watching. Some beaches we like:

  • Seal Beach (La Jolla Cove) - features great walk past seals, pelicans, cormorants and a secret trail.
  • Termoline (La Jolla) -
  • Moonlight Beach (Encinitas) - nice white beach (20 min drive)


(see options below)

Hiking / Bike Riding

  • Mission Trails - small national park but only 20 mins drive and features good visitor centre, Cowls mountain (great view), Lake Murray and several trails through nice woodland. (website).
  • Torrey Pines - right next to sea, with several walks around shrub and great visitor centre... note that parking inside is $10 fee and can't always find spot just outside. (website)
  • Lake Miramar - nice 1.5 hr paved walk (yelp)
  • Cabrillo National Monument - featueres historic lighthouse, views over san diego, visitor centre and Bayside trails. (website).
  • Chula Vista Nature Center - small wetlands area nature reserve with nature center featuring bird rehabilitation and aquariums (website)
  • Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve - coastal wetland area right next to Mexico border and good for birdwatching (website).
  • 10 Great Hikes in San Diego - Devil's punch-bowl looks nice - haven't done yet though. :-)


  • Balboa Park ! a huge park which features: (website)
    • Botanical Gardens
    • Japanese Friendship Garden (*not done*)
    • Natural History Museum
    • San Diego Air & Space Museum
    • San Diego Art Institute (SDAI): Museum of the Living Artist- features something different every month (calendar)
    • Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
    • Museum of Photographic Arts
    • San Diego Museum of Man - more cuturual
    • [see full list]
  • Midway Museum - an old aircraft carrier which has been turned into a carrier and war/airplane museum... so of course it's awesome! Bit crowded, make sure you go early as lots to see.


My apartment complex has a fairly nice pool area for a quick swim and reading.

Harbor Area

  • Seaport Villiage
  • Maritime Museum - includes whole bunch of ships and two sumarines you can go onto!
  • Midway Museum (Aircraft Carrier!) - is on an aircraft carrier! What more can you say. :-P
  • San Diego Harbor Excursions - includes whale watching.
  • Ferry to Coronado -
  • Hotel Del Cornardo - historic hotel worth exploring around... nice area.

Watching Sports

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Cricket

Social Sports (Minigolf, high rope, tennis)

  • Mingolf - always a classic
  • Go carting - bit scary / fast the first time you try it!
    • Boomers - is an fun park featuring, arcade, mini-golf batting cages, and a go cart course (website).
  • Shooting - never tried by would be fun!
  • Ropes course



  • Glider Points - can watch hang-gliders come in about 4pm, and after then can go onto grass and is nice and close. ([website])
  • Mount Solidad - great spot up high ([website])


Latin Dancing

  • More Needed

Clubbing / Bars

  • I actually never got to do much clubbing in San Diego - the ones in the city are very expensive and crowded, which really doesn't suit me. Probably the most unique and fun place you can possibly visit for a drink however is this one:
  • The Shout House - a dueling piano bar, very popular for birthday and bachelor/bachelorette parties, but really you can go anytime! ( website])
  • More Needed

Comedy Clubs

  • Comedy Palace - went once, was awesome (website)
  • National Comedy Theater - this place does impromptu comedy where two teams duel off - one of the best shows I've ever seen! (website)
  • More Needed

Concert Venue

  • House of Blues - great venue, not too big and saw "Tainted Love" went once, was awesome (website)
  • More Needed

Night Sports

  • Roller Derby - San Diego has it's own roller derby team called "Hard Corps" who "perform" at the fairgrounds (Del Mar) and roller derby is very entertaining to watch. (website)
  • More Needed

Go Out for Drinks

  • Many restaurants - TGI Fridays, Rock Bottom and El Torito to list a few - have happy hours that can be fun to have a drink. Further towards the city Shakespeare's is a favorite of mine.

Games Night

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