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About This Page

NOTE: This is for historical purposes only.... for any current room application see: Room application

I made this page in June 2010 to assist in applying for a room to rent in San Diego after getting a job as a postdoctoral employee at NCMIR. It was a page I could easily cut, paste and update and I have left it here for my own records. After living in a 6 person share house so long I was used to being on the other end of the stick - the interviewer, not the applicant (see the links below) - but by e-mailing work, searching craigslist and cutting and pasting the info below (including a photo of myself) I was able to find a good room before I arrived in San Diego.

My (Old) Room Application

Picture of me in my bedroom in Cairns
  • Topic: 27 y/o Auzzie looking for a room to rent near UCSD!
  • Status: Have just decided on a room (2nd August 2010), so my search is over

Hi, I'm a 27 year old guy from Cairns, Australia who's moving to San Diego on 29th July to work as a postdoctoral employee at UCSD and thus seeking rental accommodation - hopefully for at least 1 year. I have plenty of share house experience: spending the last five years in a six person student share house in Brisbane while doing my PhD, but now I'm a doctor I'm definitely hoping for a place which is more mature and relaxed!

I'm very friendly and laid-back, neat, non-smoking, non-drug, single, and I've got no special diet/medical/religious conditions. After I secure accommodation I'm hoping to get a bicycle and perhaps later a cheap car to get around, but since parking is so expensive apparently I'm hoping for a place relatively close to UCSD via walking/bike or public transport. Some of my other interests include nature, soccer, tennis, music and salsa dancing. I'm unlikely to bring much over with me (hence hoping for something furnished), but willing to pitch in with any shared items the place needs. I look forward to hearing from you!


    Andrew Noske

Full Name: ...... Dr. Andrew Brett Noske
Mobile: .... +61 405 149 507
E-mail: ....

Extra Info

Although I'm interested in the idea of getting a place by myself, this option looks to be a bit too expensive. Originally I was supposed to get to San Diego on July 8 (that's when they booked my flights for), but due to visa delays my flights have been rescheduled to the 29. Obviously I'd need to see a place before making any decision, but hopefully you can e-mail to tell me: the address, phone number, rent, lease info, quick summary of house-mate(s) and ideally photos too!

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