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This dang (COVID-19) has ruined many things.... but one of the biggest thing its affected is hugs. Yes, wonderful hugs are now in question. I adore hugs - touch is my main love language - so for me this period of time is a quite sad. But it's also quite fascinating.

I love to see people "elbow bump" and "foot touch", so below I've done a humorous scale which follows on from my COVID-19 Safety Scale and looks specifically at hugs.

My Graphical Representation of the "Pandemic Hug Scale" (0-10)

The hug safety scale.... think coronavirus responsibility scale from paranoid to irresponsible

The idea: Send to your friend you meet them so they can giggle, but also so they know your comfort level and adjust accordingly. I've have friends the full spectrum between 1 and 9! I do get tested every second week though for that very reason.

In San Francisco, you can be yourself - you can into BDSM with sheep an no one with judge you, but now they wil judge you everywhere for hugging or not wearing a mask. Hugs are the new PDA.

Nothing is quite as funny as seeing two girls in a park run up to each other. Two great friends that haven't seen each other in forever, and just before they get to each other they slow down. Running into each others arms and then... they pause. They haven't discussed what to do when they meet! I've decided that an awkward hug I the new sexy. If you hug normally, it means you're pandemic irresponsible... but if you don't hug at all it seems cold. All those awkward huggers out there - socially untrained software engineers - now is your time to shine baby! You've mastered the awkward hug years ago.

And the handshake? Well I won't miss the handshake as much, but in covid responsible countries and states the handshake is becoming dead. Maybe it will never become as popular as it once was.

Acknowledgements: My incredible friends Travis and Nicole who are largely hippy and both amazing at hugs so they surprised me when they said "we'll hug you with our eyes". I also very much respected that they are keeping with the rules. I'll cash away those two hugs for later! 2030? :)

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