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An anaglyph (needs red-blue glasses to see properly)


I'm surprisingly not a huge fan of the 3D images (the ones which pop out at you). 3D has made a pretty big comeback on the silver screen, and I don't mind the occasional 3D movie, but I do believe the novelty will eventually pass again. The biggest problem, honestly, is that 3D movies hurts and damages your eyes after a while. Done poorly it makes you sick too. While I'm not a big fan of 3D, I am a fan of the methods, and done in small doses, 3D will always (admittedly) have a cool factor to it. To see a 3D image appear out of a 2D screen requires tricky of the mind. On this page I've listed out some page I've written to hep you create your own 3D images and movies:

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