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You can use the call window.location.href to forward a user to another page, or see the current URL and pick out query parameters etc. Here's an example of forwarding to another page.

Simple Miles to Kilometers Converter


<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
  <title>Url Fowarder (in JavaScript)</title>
  Forwarding you to different URL...<br><br>

  <i>INSTRUCTIONS</i>: Your URL on this page should end in "<b>#&lt;ANCHOR_ID&gt;</b>"<br>
  <i>EXAMPLE</i>: "<a href="url_forwarder_javascript.html#Status_Bar">url_forwarder_javascript.html#Status_Bar</a>"<br>

    var currentUrl = window.location.href;
    var idx = currentUrl.indexOf('#');
    if (idx <= 0) {
      window.alert('Wrong URL format to forward: ' + currentUrl + ' should end with: "#<ANCHOR_ID>"');
      console.log('Wrong URL format to forward: ' + currentUrl + ' should end with: "#<ANCHOR_ID>"');
    } else {
      var anchorId = currentUrl.substring(idx + 1);
      console.log('Forwarding using anchorId: ' + anchorId);
      window.location.href = "" + anchorId;


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