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Demonstration of interface


NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: JavaScript

There is a lovely `draggable` label you can apply in HTML5, but doesn't actually do anything really. You need JavaScript with `dragstart` and `dragover` event listeners to actually have an image move. And you'll probably also want to put it inside a containing div of some sort (with or without scroll bars - up to you) so that it's pans nicely within this container. Finally, you might want it to zoom - which can be done using the `mousewheel` event listener, and a little bit of JavaScript to make sure it resizes around the mouse coordinates. Together this gives us the type of `pan` and `zoom` we have come to expect from products like Google Maps.

Notice with the `draggable` keyword, it likes to project a faded version of the image when you drag it. Sadly it's hard to get rid of, but we replaced it with this image here (which you can save as `drag_image.png` and use in code):

Image used for drag


<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
  <title>Image Pan and Zoom Demo</title>

.image-container {
  overflow:hidden;  /* Most important. */
  border:1px solid #555;
.draggable-image {
  position:absolute;  /* Most important. */


  <div class="image-container">
    <img class="draggable-image" src=""/>
  <div class="image-container">
    <img class="draggable-image" src="" style="width:380px; height:283px"/>

  <script type="text/javascript">

var imgDiv = null;  // Image being dragged and panned.
var prevX;          // Previous x position of mouse (starting with start pos).
var prevY;          // Previous y position of mouse (starting with start pos).

var dragIcon = document.createElement('img');
dragIcon.src = "drag_image.png";

 * Handler for drag event on our draggable images.
 * @param {Event} e Event.
function handleDragStart(e) {
  imgDiv =;
  prevX = event.clientX;
  prevY = event.clientY;
  e.dataTransfer.setDragImage(dragIcon, 0, 0);

 * Handler for dragging an image.
 * @param {Event} e Event.
function handleDragOver(e) {
  if (!imgDiv) return;

  x = event.clientX;
  y = event.clientY;
  translateDiv(imgDiv, x - prevX, y - prevY);
  prevX = x;
  prevY = y;

 * Handler for zooming an image by mouse wheel scrolling over it.
 * @param {Event} e Event.
function handleMouseWheel(e) {
  if (! || == 0 || == 0) return;

  imgDiv =;
  var delta = Math.max(-1, Math.min(1, (e.wheelDelta || -e.detail)));
  var scaleAmount = 1.0 + (delta / 10.0);
  var maxWidth = 5000;
  var minWidth = 50;
  var relResizePosX = e.layerX /;
  var relResizePosY = e.layerY /;
  resizeDiv(imgDiv, scaleAmount, maxWidth, minWidth,
            relResizePosX, relResizePosY);

 * Move a div tag (where div should be set with position:absolute).
 * @param {Element} e The HTML element to move.
 * @param {number} x The amount to translate the element in x
 *    (positive value moves right, negative value moves left).
 * @param {number} y The amount to translate the element in y
 *    (positive value moves up, negative value moves down).
function translateDiv(div, x, y) { = (div.offsetLeft + x) + 'px'; = (div.offsetTop + y) + 'px';

 * Resizes a div tag about a particular point (scale and translate).
 * @param {Element} e The HTML element to resize.
 * @param {number} scaleAmount The amount to scale the element by
 *    (a value > 1 makes it bigger, a value < 1 makes it smaller).
 * @param {number} maxWidth The maxiumum width of the image in pixels
 *    (it won't scale larger than this).
 * @param {number} minWidth The minimum width of the image in pixels
 *    (it won't scale smaller than this).
 * @param {number} relResizePosX The relative position of the image,
 *    along x, to resize from. A value of 0.5 means it will resize
 *    about the very center in x, and 0, means it resizes from the
 *    left edge.
 * @param {number} relResizePosY The relative position of the image,
 *    along y, to resize from. A value of 0.5 means it will resize
 *    about the very center in y, and 0, means it resizes from the
 *    top edge.
function resizeDiv(div, scaleAmount, maxWidth, minWidth,
                   relResizePosX, relResizePosY) {
  var aspect = div.width / div.height;  // Aspect ratio of this image.
  var oldWidth = div.width;
  var oldHeight = div.height;
  var newWidth = scaleAmount * oldWidth;
  if (newWidth > maxWidth) { newWidth = maxWidth; }
  if (newWidth < minWidth) { newWidth = minWidth; }
  var resizeFract = (newWidth - oldWidth) / oldWidth;

  // Scale: = newWidth + 'px'; = (newWidth / aspect) + 'px';

  // Translate: = ((-oldWidth * resizeFract * relResizePosX) + div.offsetLeft) + 'px'; = ((-oldHeight * resizeFract * relResizePosY) + div.offsetTop) + 'px';

 * Adds pan and zoom event listeners to all div elements matching this
 * CSS class.
 * @param {string} className Class name to match.
function addPanAndZoomToImagesByClass(className) {
  var dragMeElements = document.getElementsByClassName(className);
  for (var i=0; i<dragMeElements.length; i++) {
    imgDiv = dragMeElements[i];
    imgDiv.addEventListener('dragstart', handleDragStart, false);
    imgDiv.addEventListener('dragover', handleDragOver, false);
    imgDiv.addEventListener("mousewheel", handleMouseWheel, false);




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