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On this page I'll keep any specific about our IMB network I have to remember.

DISCLAIMER: This page was created in 2004, so please don't trust the content anymore.

HSM Server

Hierarchical Storage Management ("infinite" backup)

To connect to HSM from OSX:

  • Connect to server > smb://

To connect to HSM from Windows:

  • Use Core FTP LE >> create site:
    • name: "hsm_Noske" || host: "hsm"
    • username: "a.noske" || password: ****
    • port: 21 ... use PASV only (makes faster)


  • Use Windows Explorer and TYPE in the address:

HSM is slow because most files are on tape, which are then copied to a server, THEN transferred to your computer - often the connection will terminate/crash when trying to copy a big file, but *usually* works on the second attempt.

Apollo Server

Has a fixed amount of backup for each person (\\Apollo\a.noske), group (\\Apollo\group-marsh) and a general transfers area (\\Apollo\transfers).

By typing this into Windows Explorer on and IMB machine it will connect you & you can easily create a shortcut to a folder.

To mount as a network drive:

  • Click "Start" then right-click "My Network Places" > "Map Network Drive"
  • Select drive letter and type address (eg: \\Apollo\a.noske) * might have to fiddle with case.

NOTE: Anyone can access/create/delete file on the "transfers", but files are (typically) automatically deleted 2 weeks after they are uploaded/modified.