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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Google

Google Photos is just getting better and better. On here I'll keep articles to any cool stuff.


Backing up your Photos from your Phone and Computer

Creating and Sharing an Auto Album with a Friend

One of Google's coolest features is being able to cluster and recognize faces... but few people use that effectively!

  1. In Google Photos (on phone or laptop) click the search bar and you'll see a list of faces... click the expand arrow
    Google Photos search - see the list of face pictures

    ... else just go directly to
  2. Look through these faces to find your friend!.. Click their face and then click the "Share as Album", and add your friend (from the photo). An option will appear to share all your future pictures of that person, and you should check it!
  3. Wohoo! For bonus points, you can add their name to the face and it will link to their Contact entry in your phone - meaning that next time you search for them, you can just type their name in Google photo. Double score!
    It will automatically keep adding and sharing any new pics you take of your friend!

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