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Getting Your Business on Google Maps

I’ve been an engineer on Google Maps since 2012, and so whenever I go to a new business - wether it be a bike rental place, a restaurant, a burrito van or whatever - I like to check what the business looks like in Google Maps… not just the reviews, but the number of photos! In many cases the photos are bad… but the worst cases are when the business is NOT on the map at all!

What happens when you type the name of your business into Google Search, or zoom close over it in Google Maps? Nothing?… You need to register it! Having your business on the map will increase business - even/especially if you are based at home with a business like photography, self help, deliveries, internet services, whatever! Or maybe you are on the map, but you’ve like to tweak the information that appears because it might be out of date, or need more phones on your Google+ business page.

How to Register on Google My Maps

Registering is easy…. simply follow these instructions:

Two key points:

  • You must to have a mailbox at that address (makes sense).
  • If your business is mobile you will have to register to your home address, but you’ll have the option to say that you service a X mile radius nearby, which will have to do... or failing that make sure all your friends follow these instructions to report a missing place.
  • Within a week (for me 5 days) you’ll get mailed a physical card to your address with a code to complete setup of your business.

Once you’ve entered your code, you can give your business details and within another few days you’ll be able to search for your business name inside Google Maps, or even regular Google Search. Also notice, if you search for “hairdressers” in your area, it should show you in the list (assuming you are a hairdresser).

Make your Business Look Good

Do yourself and take a healthy number (20+) high quality photos to go with your business and upload to your profile. Customers/friends/family can also upload photos of your business from Google Maps on mobile or desktop by searching for you place, clicking “Photos” then “Upload a photo”. This mean that, even if you haven’t registered your business on “Google My Business” you can still upload some great photos and the best will be shown. And that’s it! Hope it increases business. :)