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I've been working for Google since September 17, 2012. It's was voted the Fortune number one company to work six years in a row (2012-2017). Is is really that good. Well there are pros and cons as the company grow, and becomes more and more worried about it's image. For me, I appreciate what Google has done for me, but it is getting more and more political, competitive and more than anything I yearn for a place with freedom of speech. It's a "safe" place because there's a huge list of topics you simply are not supposed to talk about, but that's also what makes it feel a little clinical and cold. What makes a place good also makes it bad.

On this page I'll keep interesting articles. Google isn't on the top list of places to work anymore, but don't me wrong - it's still miles ahead of the bad working conditions I hear about like other tech companies like Facebook and Amazon. There's things we do very well, but I was largely inspired to start tracking articles by a couple of friends I have who are contractors... and Google contractors - although they do get to enjoy free food with us - often feel like they are treated as second class citizens. They are enticed by the idea of Google on the resume, and a possible path to full time, but there's also an interest in keeping them down. Some decide to stay, some leave, and many just have their contracts expire or job suddenly removed. They don't have job security, and this puts all my little issues I have with politics and "my promotion ahead of the users" in perspective. I like to read these articles and keep this list in support of these friends - who usually work far harder than us full time engineers, but without the reward of big income and job security. You are seen by some of us... and maybe one day Google will figure out a solution to make everyone feel heard and expressed. Not just those with "white badges".

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