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Here I list some of my favorite fonts.

Favorite Fonts

  • Professional:
    • Arial - A classic > the big go to for about everything and available in almost all programs.
  • Playful:
    • Lobster - A playful google font in a thick slightly flowery handwritten style, so available in Google products like Google slides, you'd have to install elsewhere.
    • Roboto - Very clean crisp google font > pairs well with Lobster.

Installing Fonts

Different programs and systems have different sets of fonts. For desktop applications (versus web applications) you probably have to download fonts and install them at the operating system level.

Add fonts to Mac OS


  1. Download your font from a site like Google Fonts as .ttf (or .otf) files.
  2. Search for and open "Font".
  3. Drag the font (.ttf) files into Font Book so that they appear under "User".
  4. Reopen your app and they should appear.


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