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Facebook needs no introduction. I hate Facebook. Yet it's necessary to use it.

My biggest problem is they keep moving stuff, and I often can't figure out how to do basic stuff. Here I will records a few basic things for my own records. I say basic, because most teenagers probably know all this stuff... I however, don't use Facebook often, so I want a record + the date when it worked, since it's a matter of time before the interface changes and it's not possible anymore.

Facebook Criticisms

I like to find out when former Facebook employees talk about the data they collected that... well that Facebook is bad for people.

Facebook Tasks

Finding out when you added a friend and what you've shared

Facebook will show you the month when you added a friend and all your posts / shares with them with this simple URL:

The "andrew.noske" and "alby.yang" part here you have to substitute with your ID and the ID of a friend. The interesting part is you can actually put other people's IDs and if you are friends with at least one of them it still shows when you became friends and other stuff. Scary.

You can also find exact dates for activity (but not others) with: