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Typically we associate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), commonly known as a drones, with military applications. We think of the US Predator Drones used for surveillance and missile strikes in Afghanistan. My interest is more in the small **personal drones used for photography** and other other applications like land surveys, search and rescue and so on.... here I'll keep a record of any interesting companies I find.

Drones for Photography


  • DJI Drones - high end drones, my boss says the DJI Inspire 1 is very sought after - it's blades move up so the camera has more movement (~$3000), and the phantom 3 is has become pretty darn popular among hobbyists and now starts under a grand (starting ~$1000). They are also working on drones with some basic tree avoidance, starting with the M100.
    DJI Inspire 1 DJI Phantom 3

  • Aerobot - Australian company selling quadcopters and octocopters... ranging from $100 for a base model "Micro Quadrocopter" (no cameara)... up to $13,000 for a large octocopter with with a stabalized camera and used by the film industry. This company featured in an ABC feature on the "Drone Age" (talks about privacy issues). I think maybe videos like this "weekend in SF" use this system.
    Aerobot Freefly Aerobot Cinestar 8 Octocopter Aerobot Mikrokopter Hexacopter

  • Chroma camera drone - Another drone with follow mode available with either a 4K or Stabilized 1080p Camera... about 4 different models from $600-~1200.
    Chroma Camera Drone

  • 3DRobotics Solo - This drone is supposed to handle a lot of the flying for you ... allowing you to specify a map or orbit on the map, so you can then focus just on the camera. Price is ~$1000 and here's a great video showing off their controller.
    3DRobotics Solo


  • Lily camera drone - An incredible camera drone, designed to follow and take footage of you - even when doing fancy things like snowboarding etc. Price point is pretty impressive to at ~$500... currently on pre-order, and I believe is expected to release around Feb 2016.
    Lily camera drone

... this page is just getting started, so let me know if you know of other companies / product! :)


See Also

  • Panoramic cameras - something else I'm interested in.... and hoping one day soon they make available drones that can take 360 panoramas.