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I'm pretty convinced Comcast is evil. Why? Well because it can't possibly be this difficult to close an account for anything, and yet it's taken me over a month trying to close a business account with Comcast. I work for Google - the "don't be evil" company... but sadly we seemed to have partnered with the evil Comcast, because this is about the only option for Internet service provider in Mountain View and it's recommend to us for that pure reason. All Googlers living in silicon valley use Comcast, and we all complain about the terrible service. We all wish Google would lay Google Fiber here to end the nightmare of Comcast. You would think living in the tech capital of the world you would have fast internet and dead-zone free mobile too... think again. You would think that you could close an account by logging in and clicking a button. Think again.

How to close a Comcast Business Account

Long story short, try emailing: with a request to close your account, including your account number and company.


I tried over the phone many times, I got bounced around between departments, and eventually given the email address: by three separate people on the phone. I asked them to do due diligence, because the latter email address bounced for me twice! Supposedly if you email two months before moving out, they will have the account closed in time, but I'm still waiting, and my payment due is still increasing. Be warned in advanced... in the US you give your landlord 30 days notice... apparently you need to give your ISP two months?!! Crazy. I deliberately cancelled my auto pay, because I actually want them to call and hassle me, so I can keep explaining that it should be easy to cancel the account over the phone or with the click of a button. Each call you make, ask for a call reference number (it will start with a "CR"), and they might take you slightly more seriously. Tell them you will try to involve your company and they *might* take you more seriously, but if they are the only ISP option around.... well you are trapped. The people on the phone seem nice enough, I would just love to hear a "I'll take care of that for you" as a refreshing change... instead of a "I don't really know, but let me refer you".

I started this article Oct 31, 2016 - so by the time you read it the process may have changed. Even in the last month, my user login somehow changed from a <me> to a <me> (internet spelt wrong). Weird right?! Login doesn't really matter here though, because if your account is a "national business account" then login and calling won't help... there's a mysterious, hard to get email address which may or may not help. Cross your fingers for me. Perhaps you'll found this article because they don't seem to publish these mysterious email addresses anywhere on their website - you have to hunt for it. Meanwhile they will continue to charge you, long after you have moved out.... and that's why I am convinced they are evil.

I hope this article was useful! Feel free to email me to vent about Comcast.



    Andrew Noske