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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Cinema 4D

This page contains code for a Python script I've written for Cinema 4D. To understand how it compiles see Cinema 4D - my Python scripts.

# Script for alphabetically sorting objects under any parent
# object(s) you select. Note that if you wish to sort the
# top-most objects you should put them under a null object first.

import c4d
from c4d import gui

# Unique id numbers for each of the GUI elements:
LBL_USAGE = 1000
BTN_OK = 30001
BTN_CANCEL = 30002

class OptionsDialog(gui.GeDialog):
  """ Dialog for reordering objects alphabetically.
  def CreateLayout(self):
    self.SetTitle('Object Sorter (Albabetical Sorting)')
    self.AddMultiLineEditText(LBL_USAGE, c4d.BFV_SCALEFIT, inith=40, initw=500,
    self.SetString(LBL_USAGE, 'USAGE: For all parent objects selected, sorts\n ' +
                              '    all their immediate children alphabetically') 
    # Radio Button Group - rename parent or children:
    self.AddRadioGroup(RADIO_GROUP, c4d.BFH_LEFT, 1, 1)
    self.SetBool(RADIO_ALPABETIC, True)  # Set first radio button on.
    # Checkbox - factor numbers:
    self.AddCheckbox(CHK_FACTOR_NUMBERS, c4d.BFH_SCALEFIT,
                     initw=1, inith=1, name='consider number values (9 before 10)')
    self.SetBool(CHK_FACTOR_NUMBERS, True)     
    # Buttons - an Ok and Cancel button:
    self.GroupBegin(GROUP_OPTIONS, c4d.BFH_CENTER, 2, 1)
    self.AddButton(BTN_OK, c4d.BFH_SCALE, name='OK')
    self.AddButton(BTN_CANCEL, c4d.BFH_SCALE, name='Cancel')
    self.ok = False
    return True
  # React to user's input:
  def Command(self, id, msg):
    if id==BTN_CANCEL:
    elif id==BTN_OK:
      self.ok = True
      self.option_reverse_order = self.GetBool(RADIO_REVERSE_ALPHABETIC)
      self.option_pad_numbers = self.GetBool(CHK_FACTOR_NUMBERS)
    return True

def pad_whole_numbers(haystack, pad_digits):
  """Inputs a string and zero pabds any contigous numbers.
    pad_whole_numbers('Bld 99, Cube 1-88', 4) -> 'Bld 0099, Cube 0001b-0088'
    pad_whole_numbers('Bld 100, Cube 90a', 4) -> 'Bld 0100, Cube 0090a'
  This can be useful for sorting when you want Bld 99 to be before Bld 1000.
    haystack: String to alter.
    pad_digits: Number of digits to pad each number to.
    Altered string with padded numbers.
  return_str = ''
  conseq_digits = 0
  # Iterate from last char to first, plus 1 extra:
  for i in range(len(haystack)-1,-2,-1):
    if (i>=0 and haystack[i] >= '0' and haystack[i] <= '9'):
      conseq_digits += 1
    elif (conseq_digits > 0):
      if (pad_digits > conseq_digits):
        return_str += '0' * (pad_digits - conseq_digits)
      conseq_digits = 0
    if (i>=0):
      return_str += haystack[i]
  if len(return_str) == len(haystack):
    return haystack
  return return_str[::-1]  # Reverse the string.

def main():
  # Get the selected objects, without children.
  selection = doc.GetActiveObjects(c4d.GETACTIVEOBJECTFLAGS_SELECTIONORDER)
  if len(selection) <= 0:
    gui.MessageDialog('Please select the parents of objects you wish to sort')
  # Open the options dialogue to let users choose their options.
  dlg = OptionsDialog()
  dlg.Open(c4d.DLG_TYPE_MODAL, defaultw=300, defaulth=50)
  if not dlg.ok:
  doc.StartUndo()  # Start undo block.
  for i in range(0,len(selection)):
    parent = selection[i]
    obj = selection[i].GetDown()
    olist = []  # List of [name, objects] pairs.
    while obj:  # Add all the child objects to the list:
      name = obj.GetName()
      if (dlg.option_pad_numbers):
        name = pad_whole_numbers(name, 10)
        print(obj.GetName() + ' > ' + name)
      olist.append([name,obj])  # Name then object.
      obj = obj.GetNext()

    olist.sort()       # Sort the list by the name.
    if not dlg.option_reverse_order:
      olist.reverse()  # Reverse list (since we insert backwards)
    for i,o in enumerate(olist):            # For each object in sorted list:
      o[1].Remove()                           # Remove the object.
      doc.InsertObject(o[1],parent=parent)    # Now insert it under the parent.
  doc.EndUndo()   # End undo block.
  c4d.EventAdd()  # Update C4D to see changes.

if __name__=='__main__':

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