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Okay, so I'm not actually a great volleyball player at all, and I definitely don't seek out all the volleyball events on the island like I do for fire dancing, ecstatic dancing and latin dance! Yet I create this page anyway to invite fun people to what I'm sure is one of the most laid back and open beach volleyball events on the island - organized by the incredible Fawn Bertram. I may feel inspired later to add details to the other events - including the ones on grass.

Volleyball in Oahu

Fawn's Thursday Beach Volleyball Bash

When: Starts ~5:00 till sunset (but many people arrive 5:30)
Where: Fort DeRussy Beach, Waikiki Waikiki
About: This is a really great crowd of people, and typically two nets - one organized by Fawn, typically more beginner and fun level, and right next to it a more advanced group. I like the beginner net honestly, nobody really cares if you miss the ball. The groups often mix quite a bit, so you can decide which court to play on. Games are usually 4 or 6 people a side and they play to 25 points, so if you arrive when a game is playing you can usually just say hi to fun people (like me!) and wait 15 minutes and you'll be able to play in the next game.

Parking: Okay, so with crowds back in Waikiki, parking can be a b***h, but if you arrive more like 5pm and come to the "Ala Moana Bowls Parking Lot" (next to the Hilton lagoon), most of that parking is safe until late, you just have to circle around a few times and watch for one of the surfers to pack up and grab that spot. The parking lot is especially competitive when the surfing is good - this is the spot many surfers go.

Finding the courts: After you park, walk South the beach about 200 meters and you'll probably see the nets past the orange umbrellas and in front of the Hale Koa Pool Snack Bar. If you arrive early, they might still be arriving to set up the nets, but hang out and you'll see two nets setup - they are probably the only nets there! Come say hi, help setup the net and get your game on!

WhatsApp group: Oh yeah, to really stay in the loop there is a WhatsApp group that Fawn manages. Say hi and compliment her colorful beach socks and she'll probably add you. :)

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball crew

Fawn ! (volleyball queen)
More info: website

Beach Volleyball Tips

Quick tips:

  • Scrub your feet after you play. (else you might get infection)
  • Consider kneepads and beach socks.
  • Sunscreen as always.


Okay, so I might not be qualified to give tips on playing well, but I have heard a couple of tips about keeping your skin intact! The sand in Waikiki is: (a) quite rough, with little bits of coral that can cut you, (b) slightly dirty, runoff from the nearby Ala Wai and (c) hard, especially at this particular spot because its not actually very deep at all with. A couple of the regular guys from the advanced court say they have had little infections on their feet multiple times because they get micro-cuts (cuts you cannot see) that can get infected, and takes forever to go away. Fear not, as soon as you get home, notice your feet are white, and scrub them hard with water. Alternatively, you can invest in beach socks and not worry. Personally I like my feet in the sand. What I do, however, try to remember each week is to bring kneepads. Often you'll feel tempted to dive for the ball, or even if you just fall to your knees, there's a chance of cuts or bruises. If you don't mind looking a little silly, your knees will thank you.

Gameplay tips:

Wait, I told you I wasn't going to give any tips on playing, but this video explains the rules pretty quickly: How to Play Beach Volleyball. For out games you can ignore the bit about the coin, and imagine 4-6 people a side where you rotate clockwise each time the serve changes. Also we play to 25 points (2 point lead) and we don't to best of 2 sets - each set is a game.

If you want to get better at digging, setting, spiking and serving, this channel has good tips: Better at Beach (channel).


For information about Salsa dancing check out my dancing pages:

Acknowledgements: Fawn Bertram for starting this up. You are a legend!

Beach volleyball puppy mascot - Annabell

More pics