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     ... playful, colorful, affectionate, exotic

A sunburnt country. Full of colorful characters.
None is more a character than the friendly cockatoo.

Their vibrant calls echo between the eucalyptus covered hills.
Even in its own land it appears exotic, pacing eccentrically along the branches of shady a gum tree or on the edge of a grassy billabong.

It's crest raises to the sky as it paces, perhaps as if in thought.

I want to know what she is thinking.
Are her thoughts playful?

Or are her thoughts as deep as the Pacific ocean.
She looks at me with similar curiosity.

She is indeed, more than just a rare beauty.
She is full of personality, affection and intelligence.

As a pet, she is an unstoppable force of curiosity.
Rolling around the furniture of my house, brushing against my leg, nibbling my ear.

She comes from my own land, and yet I will never fully understand this exotic creature. I can only smile at her and guess as much as I can based on the way she moves and plays.

If only humans were this playful, what an exciting little world we would live in.
I stroke her crest and she nuzzles into my chest.

Exotic, playful, black palm cockatoo.

            -- by Andrew Noske

About this Poem...

Animal: Black palm cockatoo
Description/motivation: Dedicated to the lovely Amanda - a fellow bird lover and wonderful, intelligent creature. She identified right away as a black palm cockatoo, and I started writing this poem... yet never quite felt this poem was finished. I think it's finished enough. :)

This is one in a serious of poems I've written about various animals. The motivation, is that I love the idea of spirit animals, and I decided, one day, to ask many of my friend what animal they think best represents their personality. In some cases the poems are written with the person in mind... and sometimes it's purely about the animal. Read more about my process here. If you love this poem or want another written please e-mail me at :-)
This is an original poem by me!

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