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Aground Walkthrough


Aground is a crazy fun game! It's days of entertainment... I played it during coronavirus lockdown to keep me sane... although it maybe did the opposite.

There are different "paths"... magic (dragons > magic island), space technology (partol boat > pirate island), cyborgs technology (sunset island > the cyborg twins) and so on.... but what you have to beware of, is that once you trigger the fighting of the "old one" (the purple glowing boss on "magic" island).... aliens bomb everything to crap, unless you are ready to stop them.

I won't assume much knowledge...... so be warned this has massive spoilers.


There is more than one island (see list of locations), and you should tech up as fast as possible from: pickaxe, boat, gun, drill, chainsaw, jetpack, submarine, dragon riding, spaceships!

Below are just my personal tips. Here's how to progress fairly fast.

Game Version (are you playing the demo)

This game is not equal everywhere... if you play on a website like Armor Games, you are only playing the demo and after that you can try to save to file and hopefully transfer. If you really love the game, go to Steam and it will cost $15, but you'll be glad you did. You may like to save out the file before you fight the "Old One" one and everything you love gets bombed to the ground.

Difficulty Settings (make life easy)

You access settings with {x}. You might want to set to Easiest (your skills level up faster I think). This game take a very long time.


General Tips (save,focus,berries,hotkeys)

  • Save before any risk. Sleeping in your hut (or later the "inn" or you can build tents) saves the game and restores your stamina. Always do this before a big fight or traveling between islands (anytime you think your health might deplete).
  • Save to hard drive every few hours. Hopefully you're using the version from Steam, but either way, when you close and open the game, make a habit of saving a copy to your hard drive (hopefully every few hours) and naming it something sensible. Why? Well if you accidentally drill a block and flood a big island... or accidentally trigger the bombing of your starting planet, or spend a precious resource (like high-tech ship parts) on the wrong thing, you are pretty screwed and could lose all the hours you put into the game because it's hard/impossible to recover from that. Or maybe you'll decide to go back and chose a different path.
  • Accept every quest and stay focussed. Never turn down a quest, even the thieving trader - give her the gold bars. Don't get to distracted mining minerals that might not be so valuable later.
  • Monitor your stamina. The health is obvious, but stamina is almost more important, as soon as you are carrying too much it drops quickly, which means you might have to immediately eat or discard something in your inventory {v} (like wood).... or you might only *just* have enough stamina to make it to the storehouse to unload. This game is often about mining as much as you can carry, then heading back to the storehouse.... Get the ultrapack.
  • Berries are your friend. As soon as you pick one up, click {v} to see your inventory, and click "7" then the berry and whenever your stamina (in green) runs low click {7}. If you want to beat the aliens, don't waste too many days sleeping in the hut, use berries (or other food) for stamina and plant "bush" seeds whenever you can. I emphasize berries, because each time you go to a new island they will be there.
  • Arm yourself. As soon as you find a new weapon/tool/armor, click {e} and notice you can select a primary weapon, armor etc. You're probably now safe to sell your old one.
  • Use the internet when you get stuck. Need help? Consult Aground Wiki > Bosses. This wiki doesn't have too much detailed help (or spoilers), so often you'll do a web search and EzPz Aground has a few helpful Quest Guides and advice on how to catch a wyrm.


  • Arrange your number hotkeys. Hotkeys are wonderful, when you discover traps, assign them to hotkey {1}, wound the animal as much as you can without killing it, and throw it just ahead of him. Laying mining tracks (I think it's a waste of time, but you might like to)? Hotkey. Switching between a torch and shield? Hotkey 1.
  • Sticky items (torch). Notice some items have the little star - meaning when you do a transfer all into the warehouse, they still remain. You can toggle this with {q}. Sometimes you'll want certain other tools (low weight items) to stick around, for instance: torches, traps, spirit gems, fishing rod and certain food (berries, bread). This is an awesome feature!

Trading Tips (sell diamond, buy animals and seeds)

  • Sell diamonds/gold and buy animals and seeds. Some items take a while to build/discover, so why not buy. I find diamonds are rarely used for anything, so I sell all these, plus most of my gold although way later you'll need some to make a sub on Sunset Haven. Seeds are important... always check the market for new types of seeds and always buy bush seeds, chickens, cows, pigs (although these you can catch) when they appear.

Building Tips

  • Prioritize storehouse inventory. Under "Settings > Gameplay Options" turn everything on. I prefer to have "Prioritize Storehouse Inventory", meaning whenever you gather stuff from the barn, you don't have to carry it back to the storehouse. There a few times this is annoying (moments when you want the item straight away). For these moment you can switch the settings on/off. For example: (1) When you are low on health. (2) When you discover the sub bay on Sunset Haven and decide to buy a torpedo launcher/torpedos and they get send all the way to your storehouse on the other side of the island. (3) You've just manufactured something for the first time, but it's not until you select it from the warehouse that you get credit (tip: move all in and then out again).
  • Smelter or furnace next to Storehouse. Stuff you smelter still needs to be carried back, so always place a smelter or furnace next to your storehouse, especially on the starting island.
  • Build storehouses immediately. You can only build one storehouse per island, I like to build it pretty close to the water (far enough I can put a dock or furnace beside it). At later islands you won't have a save place, so after the storehouse, store what you can, then sail/fly back to your nearest hut/inn for sleep.
  • Pens. On Sunset Haven, there's the bad land area with the cyborgs... well you can actually build a bunch of pens here and load them with pigs chickens and cows. Probably overkill, but I build 10, and put the barn nearby so I could just touch it to send all the produce to the storehouse.

Fighting Tips

  • Don't be blocked. If you are being blocked, you need a better weapon! Upgrade your attack and get the enchanted axe as soon as possible (see Magical Axe).
  • Sneak up from behind. For animals on the surface or underground, you get a critical attack if you sneak up from behind. I like to mine the whole 1st layer of blocks so even at night I can safely walk under enemies. Hitting from the back, then going around them to attack again is key. Bosses have their own strategy of course.
  • Skip the bow and arrow. I found this just wasn't necessary. Later I got a gun... and that was helpful to fight certain bosses, but it doesn't do the same damage as an enchanted chainsaw.
  • Arming your vehicles. Vehicles like the patrol boat... you need to be in them and then press {e} and notice that the patrol boat needs coal for power (else it will say "Not enough fuel", and you can fit the "Weapon" for it.
  • Dragonblood before any big fight. Dragon blood + omelets are the best at restoring energy. Go into a fight with enough of these and it will take a boss forever to kill you! (They will get eaten automatically as your health dies).
  • Fence them off. On the starting island you'll preview the power of fences to keep away the nasties at night. On Sunset Haven, place a fence just on the other side of the mountain (badlands side) to keep out the electric diode wolfs. If you stand just at the right distance behind the fence with the enchanted axe you can hit them, but they can't hit you. Brilliant! Sneak underground and pop a few more of these around to keep baddies in manageable clusters.

Overseas Traveling Tips

  • Jetpack fun. After you fight the Mirrows) on [1] (just west of Starting Island), your jetpack changes everything - you don't even need that dragon now - you travel much faster and jetpack uses power instead of stamina (helpful when overloaded). Be sure to charge at the power-plant before you leave.
  • Jet fun. On pirate island you can build a jet... and that makes it really fast to travel about and see the whole world - especially if you fit the jet engine from the advanced lab.
  • Name your Islands - later world 1 gameplay is about getting resources moved around so you can get your previous "high tech parts". A few are discoverable, but you have to build lots with "3 gold, 3 titanium, 3 silicon and 3 uranium" at the Advanced Lab. Building Name Plates can help a little to give the unnamed "???" islands a name. User the trader for this. Convert what minerals you can into the forms you need to lower transport costs. Write down on paper what you need to transfer where for further crafting and/or advancing in quests.

Cooking / Farming Tips

  • Building lots of pens and a single barn is great.
  • Cotton is really important on Starting Island, I planted 2 cotton fields.. I found sugar useless.
  • It's nice to make one of each item once, but I prioritize cheese into omelets as the best source of health to take to a fight.

Collecting Tips

  • Storehouse first, eat as you go. This is pretty self explanatory. Eat berries as you go with a hotkey... collect stuff on the way, and you'll always want to return to the storehouse then decide if you need to stop at a save point for extra stamina or work into the night when there are often fun nocturnal animals to "collect" (fight).

Mining Tips (dig deep)

  • Dig deep. The best minerals are usually deep! Especially on Starting Island.
  • Always have a torch. On the first island, always have one or two torches for your offhand so you can see deep underground. Make torch a sticky item and build a new one as soon as it expires. The best stuff is further down, so don't waste too much time near the top and the Miner should get some coal for you.
  • Dig vertically (in increments of 3). To optimize mineral collection it's best to always dig down as far as you can (until the bottom or stuff too hard for your current drill) then come back up 3 blocks to the left or right - collecting stuff in the blocks immediately left or right as you do (to completely clear the area). You should dig vertically like this (instead of horizontally) for many reasons. (1) You'll get a variety of minerals, not just the crap at the top. (2) Almost all underground baddies attack horizontally, so they can't easily attack you. You get to chose when to change columns and come up behind them for a critical attack. Importantly, if you bury one block to the side of your column they will come to you and you can't be surrounded. (3) From the surface you'll easily remember where you've mined out. (4) When your stigma runs low (or your light goes out) you know it's a vertical shot back to the surface without any mining (versus a horrible maze). (5) Mining 3 blocks apart you probably won't miss any cave entrances (you still might, some are 2x2).... And when your sight range improves you might decide to do 6 or 9 blocks apart to cover area faster. Don't assume the whole island is the same minerals left to right... on the second island for example the right hand side has oil and heaps of diamonds (for money).
  • Mine the first layer for the fighting/scouting advantage. For each new island I like to start by mining the whole first layer horizontally (and often the second layer) for three reasons: (1) You get to see the whole island without surface attack. (2) You get a fighting advantage. (3) If it's nighttime and there are scary bad guys on the surface you can get back to your storehouse and hut easily. If you have a good drill it can be fun to next drill all the way around the edges of the island (left, right, bottom) to see the extremities. Wait till you get a drill before you get so ambition. Early game you want to prioritize iron, then gold and diamonds... and then it evolves from there.
  • Only mine what you need. Don't waste too much time mining every block when you could be finishing quests. Eventually you'll have a map of where to get the good stuff.
  • Mining car hard to manage. I think the mining cart is a bit of a waste, because it only staves you stamina for the walk back, then you spend that extra time transferring stuff. Accept the quest, but just leave the structure there.... if you do decide to extend it, extend it down the cave deep on the left hand side which regenerates a new mineral and yellow rock monsters each time you enter. Pack it down with food for stamina, and bring it up towards your storehouse with a big haul without dying in the middle.
  • Once you get "great armor" any cyborg health regeneration you can mine through lava and it just regenerates... which is great! Most of the first islands have good stuff below a relatively small layer of lava, so don't be afraid to lose a little health then just reuse this path.
  • Beware flooding. The laser drill is all powerful. Perhaps too powerful... it's possible you might drill the outside blocks the island (sand colored), and then your island can flood! I believe there's a tool to put put water, but just avoid this.... Save regularly, and do the practice of carefully drilling the outside of an island (as a buffer) and saving regularly.

Magic Tips

  • Spirit goggles. Once you get to Magic island, you'll use the spirit goggles (sadly you'll have to remove your cyborg eye) to see special spirits... and put a spirit gem just ahead of them to get a fire/water/plant element. Fun! You'll always want the headlamp hot-keyed to switch {1} as you mine.
    • Enchant a chainsaw. Collect the right ingredients to enchant your chainsaw... see the "Enchant List" below.


Note that this walkthrough isn't the fastest path... it's just a fun path. Fastest path I would have to assume is getting the boat to Sunset Island as soon as possible, then getting just enough titanium (~12) and bullets (90) to return to Starting Island to build the patrol boat, go down the whirlpool, defeat the pirates, and get the laser drill, laser gun, and so forth. I hope I've included enough to that you don't get stuck (or lose the game), but still have some fun along the way.

Starting Island

Caves to Find

  • Fire pig' - (mid way down) Could be below alchemist pit (for: fire tusks).
  • Minefield - (mid way down left side) Always changing minefield with strong yellow golems (for: minerals!).
  • Fire bird maze - Little maze with lots of firebirds, then fire pigs and a useless kitchen blueprint.

Part 1 (Get to boat to travel east. Next stop: Sunset Haven )

  • Collect the wood quickly to built your hut. Talk to the guy and build the storehouse right next to it, as close as possible... don't space anything out.
  • Build the storehouse just beside the hut (never leave space).
  • After the miner gives you a pickaxe, dig about 4 blocks below the hut collect the chest, and arm the rusty axe as your dominant hand {e}.
    • This chops wood faster. Later you want to turn this into an enchanted axe.
  • Build the smelter next to the storehouse.
    • Every other structure (farms), position is less important, but do put them adjacent.
  • Travel all the way right and then down into the cave to meet the Alchemist. Two blocks south east of the cave is another chest... this has an iron armor and shield you can arm.
  • Soon you'll meet the Hunter... do his quests immediately and you'll be rewarded with a tame wolf. This this is amazing.... keep him around and feed him with meet when he loses energy and can no longer attack.
  • Use the torch to dig deep and prioritize iron and gold so that you can get 5 gold bars (for the market) and enough steel to get a steel pixie (can go into the gray blocks) and arm yourself with a steel sword and armor.
  • Soon you'll want to flip between your torch (for mining) and kite shield (for fighting using space to block) - so assign {1} .
  • Buy or make traps and it helps to wound a pig or wyrm before using a hotkey {2} to try catching it. Use this to catch worms, grow them with the alchemist, then feed them 8 coal so they become baby dragons. These produce dragon blood, which is your best friend as you fight as it replenished your health again and again.
  • You may decide you need a badass weapon before you leave the island. The secret ingredient you need to take to the Alchemist with a rusty axe is a "fire tusk". The cave for this is deep, and I think randomized... it might be directly below the alchemist, but maybe it's not! Dig around the layer just above where the ground changes. There are two caves that look the same... one has a random map each time, and it's easy to die but lots of minerals... the other one has your fire pig at the top... sneak behind him with the steel sword a few times to get the tusk and get the enchanted axe made.
  • Grow cotton to turn into cloth and buy the wooden boat. Sail across to Sunset Haven. You should put this into the boat: a furnace (most important) and maybe 5 steel bars + quartz and bush seeds if you have them + 12 dragon blood. If you forget something it's not that far to go back, and hopefully you little friends will have mined/farmed/collected some stuff for you when you return. (Go to Starting Island part 1).

Part 2 (Get the dragon to travel west. Next stop: Magic Island)

  • When you return to the island with your cyborg parts you are a force to be reckoned with.
  • I recommend you don't attack the big dragon - you can't undo that! Talk to the alchemist and move just NE of the dragon and you can summon him from that spot to talk to the dragon. You can capture 5 worms (you should be good at it) and summon the alchemist to the same spot. That will win that dragon over and fly him to the magic island! Take enough wood and berries to build a storehouse. (go to Magic Island part 1)

Part 3 (Get the patrol boat to go down the whirlpool. Next stop: Yeti island)

  • Notice your dock now has "patrol boat" as an option. If not already, use the trader, to bring the necessary materials across... including 80 bullets. Hit {e} to fuel it with coal. Better yet if you brought oil, that's more efficient.
  • Sail across to the whirlpool and go down it to the other side of the world (use the same whirpool to return). (Go to Yeti Island part 1).

Sunset Haven (Island)

Caves to Find

    • (1) Spaceship entrances - The red light for the Mirrows and SE of the light the crack for a back entrance.
    • (2) Underwater cave shortcut' - The shortcut to get into the underground cave.. to the left of the spacehsip.
    • (3) "Minitor maze" - A cave deep below your factory about 20 blocks above the bottom (could be random though). For this one... hopefully you have the map, else use the "always turn left" policy and eventually you'll find the exit at the bottom right to a little minitor island with a couple of chests to claim that weren't really worth the effort.

Part 1 (Get the boat to travel west)

  • When you arrive, eat berries to keep up stamina (since you can't save until you get power to the Inn) and chat to the engineer.
  • Place the furnace you brought from Staring Island just next to the big warehouse.
  • Dig down to find one of the many chests containing 2 titanium to restore the power plant, coal to fuel it and sleep in the Inn to save.
  • Place one fence just to the left of the last power line post and another next to the mountain.
  • Probably you're going to manage defeating the bandits fine.
  • The factory is a big step up for you. Your first bigger goal on this island is to dig the necessary quartz to make silicon and then get a drill and the headlamp. This combo makes mining a breeze! Buy ~20 batteries at the power plant, and drill down. Also get the chainsaw - it's about equal to the enchanted axe but you can enchant the chain saw later).
  • When you drill across the steep mountain in the middle (separating east from west), lay down a fence first, because there are nasties on the other side. You can take out the baddies with the enchanted axe, but there's not much point yet.
  • To please the fisherman you talked to, keep feeding that same fish to the cat about 3 times and he's easy to catch once full.
  • Halfway on the eastern side there's a huge crashed space ships. See the red light - that's the entrance to start the Mirrows fight, and I suggest you fight them rather than "run away". You probably die the first time, that's okay. Your big mission might be to get enough dragon blood or omelet to replenish you (20 should be enough) that you can brute force it. Some suggest using ranged weapons, but with the kite shield (preferably enchanted shield) you can just run past them, dodge a little and take out both of them.
  • If you want a treasure trove of previous titanium, ammo and other goodies, dig down about 20 blocks south east of the red light and that tear in the space ship you can enter. You'll need to fight off a bunch of spiders. Use good mining to take them one at a time.
  • Use all that titanium with the Mirrows to get the cyborg eye (actually you can skip this and/or don't get attached you'll probably remove it soon), machine gun arm and so on. Oh and the cyborg back (a jetpack with ultra pack storage) is the real game changer. :)
    • Very important: get the amazing diode wolf. This champ doesn't need feeding and can dominate the baddies on the surface to get you bullets & batteries & meat for free - making him better than the more powerful mechan wyrm. Both can do above and below ground, and while the mecha wyrm can fight more powerful foe, the need to feed him sucks. Make this worm later on if you get a warm pen blueprint and he will generate uranium.
  • There's a couple of fun things to buy from the shady character if you can afford them... the map (especially on for mazes so make it sticky & hot keyed ''{6}) and an owl is pretty badass, but not as cool as the diode wolf. Actually the map you'll get when you find the submarine port, so do that first. The blueprints are really expensive and some of them you can find on pirate island.
  • The hidden underground cave you must swim down past your halfway oxygen limit on the east side, then into the cave you can breathe there.
  • At this point (if not already) you might want to head back to Starting Island to take back some resources, and see the new ones your friends collected. I suggest taking back 100 bullets (if you have them), plus silicon, and some refined oil (hopefully ~20). (Go to Starting Island part 2).

Part 2 (Get the sub to travel east. Next stop: high tech island)

  • Before you take the sub, you have the jetpack to fly to the island, and setup a storehouse and hut over there (to save). If safe, you can drill down and then swim underwater just aa little to scout, but you'll need to return here with the sub.
  • If you have the laser drill, this island is really easy.... Just mine around.
  • When you take the sub, it's safest to travel near the surface for oxygen and less baddies.
  • Under the island (use the map) you'll eventually find the entrance to an underground cave which you can go up... mine around and discover your first high tech parts on the surface!

Part 3 (Build the fighter escort)

  • Eventually you'll be able to talk to the Mirrows to build the "Fighter Escort" spaceship. This will need lots of high tech parts (under high tech island with the sub)... and to power it you'll need to assemble power cores. Once operational, you'll be moving with great speed, and traveling to new planets!
  • To fly to a new planet, fly up really high and choose a planet.
  • After building the Fighter Escort, the mirrors will eventually offer to sell you a bunch more blueprints - most of them for building structures underground. You'll want these... because when eventually the aliens start bombing everywhere, the surface won't be so healthy.

Yeti Island

Part 1 (Find the hut blueprint - optional)

  • Not much to do here... just lost of yetis to kill and minerals you can gather.
  • *but* very important... somewhere on the western side underground (maybe ~40 blocks deep and right of the left edge)... one of the ice chests contains a hut blueprint. Naturally, this is very valuable for saving and restoring energy! You'll want to build one on ever newly discovered island (starting with this one)!
  • You can return to either island to save, or save in the hut... next you want to sail east to claim pirate island. (Go to Pirate Island part 1).

Pirate Island

Part 1 (Get laser drill and laser gun)

  • If you have the patrol boat and a patrol gun with ~90 bullets you should be okay to fight the pirates.
  • Take the blueprints from the warehouse and build a Power Plant as close as possible to the advance lab. Take the cable and lay it on the ground between the two building. Add power in the form of refined oil if you have it (more efficient), or dig for coal.
  • Now build a laser drill and start mining through the island to the other side where you talk to the Sea Witch (it's too high to jetpack over).
    • Be careful with the laser drill on other islands... if you cut the top block everything will flood.
  • Get a laser gun... this almost makes things too easy.
  • As you dig though the maze, you'll discover some fun new blueprints... including wyrm pen and other good stuff.
  • You'll probably want to go back to Sunset Haven to build an advanced power plant. You can now stay at the Inn for free. Get the necessary slips to come back to pirate island and build whatever you were missing.

Magic Island

Caves to Find

  • Wyrm cave - (right side just 10 blocks down and already exposed) Quest just to find it.
  • Floating ice maze - (floating island above save point) Need jetpack then spirit goggles to see the cave in the purple entrance. Inside you'll need to flick between spirit googles and any kind of light / headgear to see where you are. (ice shield and new spirit recipe)

Part 1 (Enchant your chainsaw)

  • This is a strange island! Luckily you have badass weapons... I will skip some details but here's the important stuff:
    • (1) Don't go down into the pink tunnel with the purple guy yet... that's Old One and he will trigger Armageddon.
    • (2) The Wyrm cave is easy to find on the right side... just go in and out. You can't kill the Wyrm queen, but you can progress by collecting the two chest here and returning to the Alchemist.
    • (3) If you have a cyborg eye you'll need to lose it sadly to fit the spirit goggles. You'll want to toggle between spirit googles to find all the spirit thingies, and the headlamp for mining.
    • (4) You catch the element creature by throwing a gem in front of them and having your spirit goggles active.
      • Ice gem: On the floating island above your save point.
      • Plant gem: Comes out at night on the east side of this island.
      • Fire gem: On the right side of the island, about 10 blocks down in the fire passage.
      • Earth gem: Hangs out on starting island.
      • Water gem: Walks around magic island + you get one defeating the octopus boss via pirate island.
      • These creatures seem to come back after a while (if you want more).
    • (5) Use the spirit goggles periodically and under the ice spits (in the cave) is a fun maze where you find a recipe for the big red structure. There's at least one more underground... but if you wanna cheat we have recipes below. I recommend the plant chainsaw if you don't want to worry about stamina running out as quick!
  • With an enchanted chainsaw, you are pretty badass, fly your dragon back to Starting Island. (Go to Starting Island part 3).

Other Islands

High Tech Island

Location: West of Sunset Haven. This has a protective layer of purple rock that either needs you to dive underneath in a sub... or harness the mighty laser drill will work too. A the top of the island is some spaceship wreckage and some high tech parts needed to help the Mirrows. It's also has the highest point on the island (which is why you can't jetpack to the top - you have to mine upwards), so call the Mechanic on your coms device.

Underneath is a little labyrinth of tunnels containing quite a lot of high tech parts + titanium and even power core parts (you'll need for your spaceship - that's right down low where you almost lose health because you are so deep). You can get all these with sub or space helmet with oxygen. Keep checking the map to see you've explored all the areas for all the parts and hidden caverns at the bottom where you can take a breath and walk around to collect the chests.

Plant Island

Location: East of Magic Island.... Past the dragons.

This is the plant boss. Easy to defeat this boss if you have a projectile and can fly above him from one side to the other. Where he dies he spawns a transform chamber where you can make enchanted nets and other goodies.

Underground is lots of the good stuff: titanium, spirit gems and even evolution shards if you have the laser drill.

Boring Island

Location: West of High Tech Island.... Is what I call boring island... just evenly spaced trees and berries... underground isn't very exciting, I didn't find any obvious caves after drilling a grid. There are quite a few seeds in chests underground, so if you wanted you have enough area to build a tonne of farm here, but that's not going to help you advance in quests at all... the most interesting thing is.... if you were to keep sailing west.... Well you'd come across Yeti Island! Yup, this is where the whirlpool connects too. And go further west you'll see pirate island again... then to plant island!

Mintor Islan

Yup, just a tiny island with a little minter walking back and forward. Not much point doing anything here.

Dragon Island

Location: Between Magic island and Starting Island.

This is the island with the huge elder Dragon. If you pick the magic path, the Alchemist can translate this dragon for you. Dig down to get a bunch of enchanted glowy things.

Unoiks 428 (Starting Planet) Island Order

Here's the order if you kept traveling west (right) from starting island:

  • Starting Island
  • Dragon Island (tiny)
  • Magic Island (magic quests)
  • Plant Island
  • Pirate Island (tech stuff and sea witch)
  • Yeti Island (some mining & chests)
  • Minator Island (tiny > shortcut to Sunset Island)
  • Boring Island
  • High Tech Island
  • Sunset Haven
  • ... and back to Starting Island

Planets to Visit

  • Starting Solar System - (2 accessible planets):
    • Unoiks 428 (starting plant). The planet you started on. You've head about this one in detail.
    • Unoiks 428b (the little one next to the starting planet). Small planet (if you keep moving left you'll loop all the way around). It's mostly a source of iron ore at the surface, then lower down you'll find great stuff like titanium, magnegem and exotic matter. Beware tough to kill flying baddies which give you magnegem. Tip: hey fire from the middle, so if you trap them in the right place underground you can fire at their bottom and be safe. You might want to consider building an underground based with sides formed by non-mined areas.
  • Top Right System - (1 accessible planet):
    • Unoiks 188. This is a fun separate adventure! Prepare to become a ware-wolf. You can come into this planet a bit better prepared if you bring a mining bot and patrol bot or two.... But really you don't need anything... just finish the little missions to get control of Splicer to become a human again and continue on. Werewolf is really strong, but who wants to give up the option to fly! Make sure you have some "exotic matter" to get back. You might be tempted to bring across some energy generation (and fuel and cable) to build a teleporter ... but I'm pretty sure teleports work within the same planet, so there's no point.
  • Top Left System - (several accessible planets):
    • Earth. Wow, I don't want to spoil it, but Earth is a mess. In the space above earth is a lot of floating space debris... which means high-tech ship parts for you. This is a godsend. Before coming down to Earth's surface you'll want your fighter escort to be armed with the plasma cannon (not the gun - the gun is worthless)... and it's pretty easy to take out the ships that attack you by using your shield (space), then fire two shots, then shield, and repeat. Go down to meet the scavenger.... And in a building nearby you can enter the subway system to find a key, bring it back, and with the super lab the first thing you'll want is the auto suit... now you can drill through the building and the lab is directly below the scavenger (you can drill these blocks now), and below that is a printer where you can pretty quickly get any blueprints you missed out on. Then fly to the other side of the planet, and you'll see a big mountain and under that is the professor. Unlock him and you have the almighty research ship. You probably can handle things from here!

Finishing The Game

If you've made it this far, you're committed to defeating the aliens! On the starting island you'll realize High Tech Parts are hard to come by.... But it is possible...... notice in the Advanced Lab (pirate island). You can craft Hi-tech parts with 3 gold, 3 titanium, 3 silicon and 3 uranium. You can get lots of titanium and uranium from plant island.

Enchant List

  • quest related:
    • ancient axe=rusty axe+diamond+fire tusk
    • ice shield=kite shield+dragonblood+diamond
  • other::
    • blood gem=alter gem+dragonblood+dragonblood+dragonblood+dragonblood+dragonblood
    • plant bag=ultra pack+plant eye+alter gem+spirit gem
  • chain saw (wohoo!)
    • ice chainsaw=chainsaw+blood gem+icy fur
    • fire chainsaw+chainsaw+blood gem+fire tusk
    • water chainsaw=chainsaw+blood gem+icy fur+fire tusk
    • plant chainsaw=chainsaw+blood gem+plant eye
    • drain chainsaw=chainsaw+blood gem+dragonblood
  • bullets (too much effort):
    • icy bullet=bullet+icy fur
    • fire bullet=bullet+fire tusk
    • water bullet=bullet+icy fur+fire tusk
    • drain bullet=bullet+dragonblood
  • shells:
    • ice shell=shell+icy fur
    • fire shell=shell+fire tusk
    • water shell=shell+icy fur+fire tusk
    • drain shell=shell+dragonblood
  • sword (meh):
    • ice sword=steel sword+blood gem+icy fur
    • fire sword=steel sword+blood gem+fire tusk
    • water sword=steel sword+blood gem+icy fur+fire tusk
    • plant sword=steel sword+blood gem+plant eye
    • drain sword=steel sword+blood gem+dragonblood
    • dragon sword=fire sword+alter gem+fire gem+dragonblood+dragonblood+dragonblood
  • arrows (boring):
    • ice arrow=arrow+icy fur
    • fire arrow=arrow+fire tusk
    • water arrow=arrow+icy fur+fire tusk
    • drain arrow=arrow+dragonblood

Source: reddit thread


Using cheat codes is a slippery slope... "just one little cheat" can turn into a dozen... but hey, if you found it so addictive it's cutting into your personal life, maybe you want to speed up the game time.

What's cool is these work as a code dropdown. They are just lines of code! Some of them are permanent (like experience level), and others reset if you close and reopen the game (like walk speed etc).

Want cheat codes? Try this:

  • ctrl+shift+D then type: player.addItem("magic_pickaxe")
  • little cheat:
    • player.stats.get(t'speed').add(3) - adds 3 to your current walking speed.
    • player.fullRestore() - fully restores health and stamina (so you don't suddenly die on that new island where you haven't saved).
    • isBombardment(player) - Verify if bombardment has been triggered (quest to build drangonship).
  • medium cheat:
    • = 50000 - well you don't have to worry about stamina now!
  • big cheat:
    • player.addItem("magic_pickaxe") - Dig through anything
    • player.addExp(99999) - Gives you 99999 XP; works with any other number.
    • for (k in player.getInfo().getSkills()) player.skills.set (k,99) - Maxes out all skills.
    • <teleport area = "start" x = "120" y = "-1" /> > - Teleport to starting island; destination
    • for (e in e.value.value = 0 - Repair/feed any item/familiar currently equipped.
    • = 10 - 2x speed for whatever vehicle you are in.
    • = 10000 - Current vehicle health.

A Cheeky Set

player.stats.get('speed').add(-1) = 50000

<object id="ice_chest" x="player.tile_x" y="player.tile_y">this.inventory.addItems(Item.get("uranium"), 10)</object>
<object id="ice_chest" x="player.tile_x" y="player.tile_y">this.inventory.addItems(Item.get("ship_parts"), 1)</object>

(Note: ship_parts = high-tech parts)

My Shortcuts

  • 1: torch ..... (later: headlamp) > for light.
  • 2: net ..... (later: spirit gem) > for catching.
  • 3: bread ..... (later: pizza) > for stamina.
  • 4: meat (later: steak, omelet) > for health.
  • 5: shield ..... (to switch with torch) > for defense.
  • 6: map .... (when you get it) > for explore.
  • 7: berries .... (until plant chainsaw > little stamina kick.
  • 8: fence .... (later ?) > for containing land enemies.

Screenshots (spoiler alert)

When you visit Earth!
In space. Fun.