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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Adobe

Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro) is a digital audio workstation, which allows multi-tracks, voice recording and a lot more.

Recording voice with Adobe Audition

  1. Go: File > New > Audio File (not multi-session).
  2. Click record button... that's it!
    • Tip: Be sure to set the sampling high, and then it will save as a .wav by default.

Decreasing noise

Chances are you have some room noise or background noise. There's a great video that explains noise reduction here: Clean up your audio tracks by reducing hiss and background noise.

The steps:

  1. In a single track audio file go: Effect > Noise Reduction / Restoration > Noise Reduction. In the waveform editor, select a range of "background noise" (without the talking or music you want) and click Capture Noise Print. Now select your whole file and click play in the Noise Reduction window to preview the effect. You can dynamically change the sliders to select more of the noise fprint and how many decibels to reduce it by. If you drag it too high you might lose some foreground stuff with it. Note that when you apply and then save, this is a non reversible action but may be necessary to get your file to low background dB requirements for something like an audio book on Audio Creation Exchange.

Increasing volume on a Sound File

  1. Open sound file.
  2. Select all [ctrl][a].
  3. Go: Effects > Amplitude and Compression > Amplify... ... and amplifying 10 dB gain will probably be plenty.... you may have to undo and retry.

How To: Export to an Audio Book (using ACX Audio Submission Requirements)

I found this hard, but I believe the trick is to first follow the "Decreasing noise" instructions, and save your WAV file. Do this for all your chapters - plus add the right number of seconds room noise at the start and end - according to the ACX Audio Submission Requirements.

The hard part now is to noise matching, but Audition can actually make it pretty easy. You can close all your files, but open Effects > Match Loudness. This opens a panel into which you drag all your .wav files and then you will want to edit the "Export Settings" to output an MP3 with 44100 Hz. Hit run and hopefully these are ready to upload!

Settings to export your audio book