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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: YouTube

On this page are some of my favorite YouTube videos and information about my channel.

My Own YouTube Videos

I have my own YouTube channel called doctornoske. Here are some of my videos:

  • Separation of a cell - a cell I segmented which is undergoing mitosis and was imaged using Serial Block Face Scanning Electron Tomography (SBFSEM). The narration explains how miniSOG was used to elucidate DNA.
  • History and Future of Electron Tomography - a narrated video giving a quick history of electron tomography (starting 1993) using a time-line, then transforms into a graph showing the exponential increase in data acquisition rate up till 2012.
  • Whole Cell Imaging at High Resolution using Electron Tomography - a whole mammalian pancreatic beta cell I reconstructed in 2007 using a technique I call "Whole Cell Tomography" at relatively "low resolution" (15-20 nm) using Electron Tomography (ET).

Making YouTube Videos

YouTube accepts many video formats, but some seem to work better than others. The highest resolution accepted is 1280x720. I've written some instructions on how to convert a movie to a suitable size and format using Quicktime Pro here:

Using YouTube it's also possible to make 3D Movies, although to see such movies will typically require special glasses. To create a 3D movie I have instructions here:

My Favorite YouTube Videos