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About WMP

NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Windows

It's not the greatest program, but does play *most* videos and music files, and it's a nice feature you can minimize the player to the task bar.

Capture Screenshots from Windows Media Player

You can't normally take screenshot of a video because most players use "overlays" and video acceleration, and instead it will capture a gray area. This can ALSO be a problem if trying to show a video on TV/projector using a video output cable.

The simple way to capture images from WMP is:

  • Press [Ctrl] + [I] (screenshot for version 9 up)
    • This will prompt you to save as a .JPG or .BMP

A better way is:

  • Open Window Media Player
  • Then go to Tools >> Options
  • In Options, select the Performance Tab
  • Way below you click on the Advanced Button
  • Uncheck "Use Overlays"
  • Click OK

Now you can simply go:

  • [Alt] + [Enter] (full screen)
  • Go to the scene and press the [Print Scrn] button
  • Open Paint and [Ctrl]+[V] (paste)

Media Player Classic (MPC)

I've had a weird problem with WMP whereby it often gives an error message when opening DVDs - something about region encoding, even though it's a ligitimate DVD!

I haven't found a solution for this yet, so instead I've been using the MUCH lighter Media Player Classic (MPC) instead.... which can be downloaded freely from here. Create a shortcut on your desktop and go "Open > DVD".