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A huge frustration of mine is that when you go to print MediaWiki pages (including those on Wikipedia), the print size is huge! When you hit "print" it takes you to the "Printable Version" where links are expanded, font is huge and the formatting is pretty plain. I've tried several times to find out how to reduce the font size, but failed each time.

  • Please contact me immediately if you know a way!!!!

Some pages I've found but didn't seem to help on my own wiki:

  • Wikipedia MediaWiki:Print.css - Changing your own "MediaWiki:Print.css" is supposed to change the font size for your media wiki site, but never worked for me. :-/
  • Wikipedia - Help:Printable - says that with the line "$wgAllowUserCss = true;" in LocalSettngs.php you users be able to modify their own user page "Special:MyPage/skin.css" with new CSS tags and this will affect how pages print for you (and only you). Didn't work for me on my own site either. :-/

Browser Plugins

I used to find old version of IE would print pages as they appeared, and apply the font size I was viewing at - meaning that if I shrunk the text with [Ctrl]+[-] I could print at a smaller scale. Unfortunately that doesn't work anymore.

Chrome Plugins

For chrome I found the following plugin not too bad:

  • iWeb2X - is pretty slow, but unlike others it adds bookmarks and doesn't have a limit.