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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Wiki

Installing MediaWiki for the first time can be a bit tricky because there is so much documentation! Below is a simple set of instructions which should get your wiki setup as quickly as possible (with default configuration).

NOTE: I have used my own site as an example of what to settings to enter


Before installing you should check your web server meets the installation requirements... this may change slightly for future version, but for version 1.12.1 (Sep 2013) the requirements include:

  • PHP version 5.3.2 or later
  • MySQL 5.0.2 or later.... *or* PostgreSQL 8.1 or later


  • Access your MySQL and create a new database called "geoglide_wikidb" and create a user "geoglide_noske" with all privileges for that database.
  • Download the latest version of media wiki from (click the link under "Current Version" on the right)
  • Unzip and move the "wiki_1.21.1" folder to the local root folder of your website and rename it to "wiki" (this will appear in URL)
  • Upload the wiki folder
  • Go to your wiki's URL (Example: [htt://]) and click "setup"
  • Enter details. Example:
    • Wiki name: NoskeWiki
    • Contact 2-mail: ***
    • Admin username: WikiSysop
    • Password: * (Uni one)
    • Email options: leave all as default (enabled)
    • Database host: localhost
    • Database name: ***
    • DB username: ***
    • DB password: *
    • Superuser account: no (not sure if benefits)
    • Superuser name: root
    • Superuser password: *
    • Click "configure"
  • This will then take a few minutes to generate the database, then give you more instructions to follow.
  • Copy wiki/config/LocalSettings.php from the remote directory to wiki/LocalSettings.php locally.
  • Check the variables in wiki/LocalSettings.php (locally) and add the line: $wgLogo = ""; under $wgSitename = "NoskeWiki";
  • Upload LocalSettings.php to wiki/LocalSettings.php on the remote server and change its permissions to 0 (nothing for anyone).
  • Make sure wiki/index.php has permissions 644.


If you already have a wiki but want to update:

  • Make a backup of your wiki site - see Wiki - backing up... use PhPMyAdmin to export your DB to an XML and make a backup of the "LocalSettings.php" file.
  • Rename you local "wiki" folder to "wiki_old".
  • Follow installation instructions above.

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