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The task of being asked to give a wedding speech - whether it's best man, bridesmaid, father-of-the-groom or wedding MC, is a great honor, but can also be a fairly daunting one. Giving a speech in front of friends and family is far removed from taking in front of work-colleagues, and many people won't have done public speaking since high-school!

I've been to many weddings, so like to think I have a decent idea about what does and doesn't work. There is a wealth of information available on this subject on the Internet, but, to be honest, it's hard to wade through, and some of it is fairly useless. I've been both MC and best man a couple of times.... and I feel like I'm actually pretty good at it!

On this page I've (a) provided links to some good speeches, (b) compiled a list of information and advice on the topic of wedding speeches and (c) included the "wedding MC" speech I did for one my very best friends. I hope you benefit from this advice!

Related/Child Pages:

  • The wedding shoe game - amazing game!
  • Wedding speech - MC for Jon and Satomi - two friends of mine, this is the MC script I typed up and worked great. I've put it here for nostalgic purposes but will probably make restricted at first. This is very much personalized - I didn't use anything from the internet for this one - I love these guys!
  • Wedding speech - Best Man for Alby and Lisa - one of my best friend, Alby from Australia, got married in Canada to a wonderful Canadian girl, Lisa. This was actually their second wedding - the first was in Australia a couple of months early, but I still count this as a best man speech. :-P
  • Wedding speech - Maid of Honor for Lyubov and Bryan - an incredible friend, Lyubov from Ukraine, got married in a castle / porn set and I was her maid of honor. It was a magical wedding. I also read a poem at the start Poem - Life Without.

A Few Good Speeches on Video

  • Best man - this guy is hilarious! He speaks very slowly and with confidence. The material he uses is gold, even though he says very little about the groom and absolutely nothing about the bride! Perhaps the most brilliant thing he does however, is start with the word "fornicate" ("for an occasion").
  • Funniest Best Man Speech - very warm buy funny speech. Lots of great jokes that would apply to anyone.

Wedding Games

  • Wedding game - the wedding shoe game - an amazing game you can play involving the bride and groom facing away from each other and answering funny "who is the more ..." questions by raising a shoe.