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Title: ....... Online dating profile - Andrew Noske - Second Version
Length: ..... 1:56 (little long)
Credits: .... Andrew Noske
URL: ........

Second video.

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Title: ....... Online dating profile - Andrew Noske - First Version
Length: ..... 1:55 (bit long)
Credits: .... Andrew Noske
URL: ........

First video.

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Title: ....... Online dating profile - Andrew Noske - Initial Version
Length: ..... 4:24 (wayyy too long)
Credits: .... Andrew Noske
URL: ........

Initial try.


Executive Summary

I didn't actually have a script for this - I went off-cuff, but I decided to write down what I said afterwards (roughly) when I realized the lighting was bad, and maybe there are some key words / key things about me I should mention.

Second Version Script (May 2018)

Hi, I'm Andrew.

Two years ago, I filmed my first cheesy "dating profile video" - it was an idea I had, that it might be helpful to see someone's personality in a video before deciding to meet them - and I met some really wonderful people through that video.... but I'm reshooting the video, because I realized I've changed since then. I recently moved to Nob Hill, San Francisco... and if I'm certainly still open to being surprised and finding love, but in my current stage, I adore meeting fun, exciting people.

About me: I grew up in Australia, were was lucky enough to do a PhD in diabetes research, then two years of neuroscience in San Diego, and presently I work at Google Maps in Mountain View as an engineer. I'm 35 years old, 6 foot 3 and I'm not typical for an engineer. I really appreciate when my dates let me open the door for them and have actual passion. Passion for anything, doesn't really matter.

The biggest passions of mine is dancing..... not just salsa, I love free form dance and I had a pet project called where I'd film myself dancing with friends in odd locations, haven't done that for a while - that would make a heck of a first date.

My parents were environmental scientists, so it's not a huge shock I'm passionate about the environment. I love animals and hiking, and I like to pick up three pieces of litter a day.

And since moving to the city I'm trying to start - gifting of food boxes to the homeless on your way to walk. And I tell you this, because, separate from whether or not we grab drinks, you might decide to look it up and participate.

I love my friends and travel too of course..... and that's my video profile. If you want to learn more before a date, lets just call, I look forward to meeting you.

First Version Script (prepared) (June 2016)

Hi, I'm Andrew.

This is my "dating profile video". It's a recent idea of mine. I've found that with regular dating profiles even in cases where someone has taken the time to write honestly about themselves and update photos, it doesn't necessarily communicate their personality. And for me, that's a really important aspect, getting to know you, and knowing that regardless of the outcome, friendship or romance, you're going to have a fun date with an interesting person.

About me: I'm 33 years old, I'm this tall... 6"3. I really don't have a scale reference **(banana)**. And I'm a proud Australian **(kangaroo)**, and I was raised to be a gentleman **(fake flowers)**.

I like to think I'm **relatively** intelligent. I grew up in rural Australia, I did a PhD in diabetes research in Brisbane, 2 year postdoc in neuroscience in San Diego, and now, I'm living in Mountain View as an engineer for Google.... And just got my green card **(green card)**, which is very exciting... unless Trump becomes president, then obviously I'm leaving back to Australian and taking as many friends with me as possible.

More about me: I love dancing... oh my gosh, you have no idea... salsa, freeform, basically all dancing. I love hiking and animals..... and I'm after something authentic. What do I mean authentic? The potential for something serious... the type of person you look forward to coming home to every day. I've dated some really amazing girls, some of them I'm still friends with, and so I know from experience, I find intelligence a huge turn on, as I do a sense of humor, and of course an emotional connection.

And that's my online profile. If you want to learn more before meeting me, I'll happily send more videos, me dancing and other embarrassing stuff... but by now, you should have a relatively good idea and if you think we might along, fire me an email, I look forward to meeting you!

Original Script (impromptu) (May 2016)

Hi, I'm Andrew,

And this is, I guess, a dating profile video. Making this was an idea I had very recently, when I realized that, even in the rare case where somehow has a dating profile with accurate photos, and substantial text about themselves written authentically, even then it's hard to gauge a person's actual personality.... in a video, however, I think you can get a better idea. Even if there's no romantic connection, you can feel more confident it's going to be a great date with an interesting person.

And for me... connection is what I'm after. I've dated some really amazing girls, some of them I'm still friends with, and so I know from experience, I find intelligence a huge turn on, as I do a sense of humor, and ideally it there's should be some kind of emotional connection, and vulnerability as well.

I think I was raised with some really good values... not just being a gentleman, but being honest always, and just kind to people. I think that's actually pretty rare in the Bay Area, especially on online dating - people do play games and are dishonest about themselves, and I don't really have time for that.

A little about myself.

I like to think I'm relatively intelligent, I grew up in Australia and I did a PhD in diabetes research in Brisbane. Then, about six years ago, I moved to America, starting with a two year postdoc in neuroscience San Diego, and then I started working for Google Maps, as a software engineer in Mountain View. Big career change, and I miss science sometimes, but Google is an incredible company to work for, and I almost have my green card, so that I can think about buying and settling down.

I'm six foot three. I'm 33 years old, in case I forgot to mention.

I love nature. I love hiking, I love camping, I love animals - not surprising really both my parents are environmental scientists. I have a great group of friends, and most recently I've actually started writing some of them poems about animals.

I really, really love dancing. I started with Salsa, but one that I do most consistently is once a week to what I call hippy dancing, which is really amazing - contact improv and a great way to connect with people.

I could talk more about my personality, but ultimately, I hope you've already got a decent insight... I'm playful, respectful, polite.

I have no idea if this video is a great idea or a terrible idea which scares everyone away. Either case I'd love feedback, so feel free to message me! Especially if you watch this video and think you might have a similar personality and would like to grab coffee with me.


Hopefully I won't need to make a third version ever, but for my second version I decided to send out to some female friends and ask them these questions:

Video is here:


  • (1) What do you like best?
  • (2) What irked you most?
  • (3) Was it too long?
  • (4) What could I remove? .................................... (specific-sentence-maybe)
  • (5) What should I add or change? ............................ (nothing/captions/specific-detail/etc)
  • (6) What is your honest reaction to the dance video part? ... (good/remove/replace-one)