Video Script: Spontaneous Dance Instructions

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Credits: .... Andrew Noske


Executive Summary


Script #1: Spontaneous Dance Instructions

Hi, I'm Andrew here to explain the Spontaneous Dance Movement.

You're wondering, what is this about... and I will tell you simply this. The most magical moments in dance, are not planned. These moments are without choreography and often without a dance floor.

I want you to really realize: that you can dance with your whole body anywhere at anytime. Your bedroom, the park, the beach, a coffee, a cinema, a first date. If you hear the right song. Own it.

This dance movement encourages you to recognize those moments when you want to dance, and just let it happen - whether you are by yourself, a friend, a stranger or a group. Allow it be awkward, silly, romantic, sexy, whatever you want.

Dance to a song, and if it feels right... film the next song: go to, print out this sheet and write down what this dance means to you:

  • "I just love this song and I love my pajamas"
  • "It's Friday - 5 minute office dance party time!"

Or even on your phone type it out:

  • "I met this girl one hour ago, I'm going to ask her to dance"

... I can scroll down and pick a suggested song, or maybe my favorite song is already playing.

Now you might be thinking, this piece of paper takes away the spontaneousness a little. That's true, and very the fact you'll need to give your phone to a friend to film you dance, it can't be completely spontaneous, but here are some guidelines:

  1. Say "spontaneous dance movement baby" or show these words at the start or end, of the dance.
  2. Some choreography is allowed if that makes you comfortable, but please, at least 50% of the song should be unplanned... let us see you be being clumsy or awkward, let us see you being real.
  3. Be creative: a dance floor boring. How about a mall, a grassy hill, playground, anywhere.
  4. Upload it to YouTube, give it a title like this and that's it. Tell me your story!

And that's the whole idea. I don't expect it to become a the next YouTube thing, but even if it inspires a few friends, I'm happy. And even if you don't film yourself dancing, ever in your life... at least recognize the next time your are out in public, and you feel like dancing. Give yourself permission to spread your joy.

Here's my email address, I'd really love to hear your stories or see your videos of Spontaneous Dance Movement - even if you dance to Adele, even then, I will still love you for trying. Have fun guys.