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This page represents for a script for a video I wish to make entitled "Whole Cell Catalog" - although a better name might be "Cell Data Bank (CDB)". Once made I'll upload it to YouTube and provide a link to it below.


The problem:

In molecular biology, sites like the Protein Data Bank contain structural information about proteins and allows scientists to easy browse and download structures, but sadly no such site exists in the field of cell biology. Even simple questions like "how much mitochondria is in cell X" or "how big is cell x" is difficult to find.

This video represents a vision for quantitate cell biology and a proposal code named "Whole Cell Catalog" which builds on the Whole Brain Catalog in allowing users to explore everything from the whole organism to organs to cells and to organelles, and allows querying important size and morphology information with the click of a button.

Let's start with a question for

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