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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: COVID-19

I'll keep this copy of my vaccine card in case I ever forget it in my wallet, or forget my phone.

See also: Google Photos Album ("Covid Vaccine Card")

My Summary

Date Administered Type Lot #
May 6, 2021 Pfizer, Inc (1st) EW0173
Jun 1, 2021 Pfizer, Inc (2nds) EW0186
Dec 10, 2021 Pfizer, Inc (3rd > booster) 33030BD
Oct 13, 2022 Pfizer, Inc (4th > booster) "BI-BOOSTER KPSF" GJ6665

My Medicare Covid Vaccination Digital Certificate

My digital medicate Australian record... get the actual PDF here.

My Vaccination Card

My card, including the booster. I have put it in a plastic sleeve and folded it into my wallet, so you can see it looks a bit worn and folded.
My card with first 2 shots.
My card and my face.

Kaiser Permanente transcript.