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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Unix

When typing long commands in a unix shell, it can be frustrating when you make a typing mistake and have to delete or use left arrow to go back and fix this mistake. Below are a list of little shortcut keys which can help navigate around and type commands more rapidly.

Unix Shell - Shortcut Keys

  • [up / down arrow] - recall previous commands. **
  • [left / right arrow] - go back/forward one character (obvious).
  • [tab] - use this to autocomplete a file name/path. ***
  • [tab]+[tab] - shows commands starting with chars you've typed or available files matching filepath. ***

  • [ctrl]+[a] - jump to start of line (very useful). **
  • [ctrl]+[e] - jump to end of line. **
  • [ctrl]+[u] - clear the current line (very useful). ***

  • [esc] then [f] / [b] - move forward or back on word (very useful). **
  • [esc] then [u] / [l] - make all characters beyond this point to end of word upper or lowercase (useless).