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This was inspired in 2020... not a great year for travel (because of covid), but my friend Siobháin and I managed to get away to Mexico and talked about all the "I don't want to leave the resort" people. We did a decent job of exploring, but by were no means very adventurous that trip and together decided it would be fun to make one of my little scales to represent the extremes between the instagram girls and rich fat dudes that never leave the resort... versus the proper European backpackers that are not afraid to solo travel the world and every remote destination along the way. Most of us are somewhere in the middle... and I guess if you have kids that might make you a little bit more lame than someone single and in their 20s. Enjoy!

My Graphical Representation of a "Tourist to Adventurer Scale" (0-10)

No explanation required

The idea: Send to your traveler friends and ask them where they rank you.

Acknowledgements: To the incredible Siobháin who speaks fluent Spanish and helped me come up with this scale. :)

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