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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Online dating

Oh Tinder, how I hate you, yet cannot look away.

  • From a woman's perspective: full of weird and creepy men wanting sex, who don't read your profile text to see "no hookups". You act surprised when they suggest taking you home on your first date, despite the fact one of your photos is you in a bikini because you want to outshine your girlfriends.
  • From a man's perspective: full of weird and flaky women who won't reply or show up to date. Full of failed attempts to navigate the space between showing interest, without seeming too interested.
  • From a shared perspective: a superficial playground, the possibility that if someone photogenic has just the right angle they can score a date and the chance to disappoint or ghost someone, something entertaining to do while on the toilet.
  • From humanities perspective: a clear message that you can dismiss anyone, anytime, by swiping your finger, because there are plenty more in the big city. Curiosity in anyone married who feels like they missed out on an experience and easy sexy, frustration in singles who realize their profile picture isn't yielding enough likes.

Everyone who's tried Tinder for more than a week should have an interesting story of disappointment or disgust to tell. It's superficial, you hate it... yet you keep using the damn thing.

Well, maybe you can at least have fun with it. Change your perspective, to self amusement - even if you never meet anyone, at least you made someone smile.

On this page I want to copy a few of the more interesting conversations I've had, which probably didn't lead to dates (few do), but at least made one or both of us smile. The type of messages which will get a reply. :)

Start with a Poem

I think one of the most clever things you can do, if you want to maximize your chances with a girl.... is start with a poem!

Here's a couple of examples to motivate you:

Tinder poem - Michelle* Tinder poem - Angela*

You're welcome!