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Duration: {{{duration}}}

This template is to be used on pages where I list hiking options in a table such as:

Note: you must already have a table setup with 5 columns....

An example of how to use this is below:

Name Starting Location Guides Pics Description


Alpine Pond

Hike alpine pond.jpg

Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve
37.3154,-122.1885 Use the carpark just after you turn from Skyline Blvd onto Alpine Road.

everytrail-mine everytrail-anotherone


Really like the feel of this walk! It's a lovely trail where you start at the carpark, walk under the road and immediately come across Alpine pond. From here I suggest walking around the Ipewa Trail first and you'll walk through a fairly open area where you see a wonderful view over pine forest. Eventually you'll come across horseshoe pond and from there you can come back a different way.
Duration: ~2 hrs.


[... 37.3154,-122.1885] ...

[... evertrail]

[... pic1]

Duration: ~_ hrs.