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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Presence

I first learnt about Tantra in early 2016. I was dating an empath who I will refer to as Unicorn and we went to a couple of workshops, and I read "Tantric Sex for Men" (great book), but sadly didn't go deeper. For some you will only take to tantra if you are dating the right person for tantra.... but in fact it's something you can take up by yourself, which is was Unicorn did. And Unicorn ws powerful! Wow. This stuff is real, and on this page my only real intention is to write down anything interesting I learn about Tantra.

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  • Chakras - A quick guide to the chakras (energy centers of the body along your spine).

Workshop - What is Tantra

This write up comes from a workshop I did in San Marcos, Guatemala in Feb 2023 - a "Introduction to Tantra" lead by Timo. It was so great I took notes (the only on in the class to take notes) and told a couple of friend in the class that I'd write up my notes in this wiki.

People in the west think tantra is about sex, but <10% is about sex.

Tantra Meanings

Tantra is ________ ?

Tantra can have many conspectus and meanings, including:

  1. Transformation - the weaving of energies and personal growth.
  2. Nonduality - everything is connected.
  3. Transmutation - changing of states.
  4. Connection to the divine - you can use your body to connect to the divine.
  5. Connection to tantric knowledge - learning the tantric path.
  6. Consecration - declaring something sacred.

A few of these in more detail:

(2) Nonduality

  • The divine source. Everything came from a single point before the Big Bang > connecting all energy and things.
  • Every just is. Is a spider evil? It is neither good nor bad, it is a beautiful acrobatic creature that weaves intricate web and keeps the population of other insects like flies and mosquitoes in balance.
  • The practice of nonduality. You can do anything, just do it with awareness. Drop any sexual shame > without sexual energy you would not exist.

(3) Transmutation

  • Emotions can be transmuted.
    • Anger has its place... say you have been disrespected - you might feel a fire & discomfort in the belly with becomes hatred. To transmute: listen to it, channel it into something wise - like a workout or dance - or use that fire to attack a todo list you were procrastinating on... and with experience you can move that energy to higher energy centers like the heart.
    • Sadness is powerful and can cut out down. To transmute: channel it into art - the greatest music and artworks often comes from channeled sadness.
    • Fear and anxiety has it's place - you might feel a contraction. To transmute: bring yourself compassion, anxiety and fear helps you feel alive and drive positive change.
    • Guilt can feel nasty. To transmute: accept what happened, have compassion on yourself, you are human. Focus on the lessons you have learned.

(5) Tantric Web of Knowledge

  • Tantra is one of the oldest teachings in the world:
    • It dates back to ancient Egypt.
    • Was expanded in Kashmir India > then Tibet > and to China (Tao = a more scientific and health based form of Tantra).

(6) Consecration

  • Consecration means "to make sacred".
  • The idea is to dedicate the fruits of your action to something bigger > being of higher service.
  • Synchronicity. Is the idea that seemingly random event happen that help us in our path. These happen most often when you are happy and open.
  • Believe in LOVE, TRUTH and SERVICE not HATE, FEAR and GREED.
  • True service should not be sacrifice: eat your food first then you'll be of greater service... when you fill your cup first, then share, it can inspire others to do the same.

Life Force

Life force - Prana - exists in every living thing > it helps you feel more connected to nature and tap into sexual creative energy.

Some Tantra Benefits

Tantric energy regeneration techniques can benefit men and women differently:

  • For women:
    • Tantra can be used to reduce menstruation pain, flow & duration and free energy.
    • Have healthier babies.
  • For men:
    • Male ejaculation expels energy - many plants and animals deterrer or die after breeding or ejaculation.
    • By no ejaculating or using energy regeneration techniques during ejaculation, can increase our athletic performance.
    • Athletes are often told not to cum and keep testosterone high before an event.
    • Using energy regeneration techniques you can grow your energy.

Solo Tantra Exercises

  1. Contract throat > doing this on exhale help throat chakra.
  2. Massage below ribcage > massage about three fingers below your ribcage > open your energy centers.
  3. Energy cycle > breathe in a circle > your spin = your nervous system & energy highway.
  4. Perineum muscle > pump the muscle between your genitals and anus. This is your root chakra and unless creative energies.. it might be too weak or too tense > so just engange and release. You can do this at any time!
  5. Sitting genitals focus > sit upright, place thumbs on belly button and form a triangle facing down > connection ovaries and pointing to vagina or testicles. Breath down into your vagina or testicles.

Orgasm versus Ejaculation

  • ejaculation = a physical event to help make babies.
  • orgasm = an energetic event.

An ejaculation and orgasm are different things. A male or female ejaculation is a usually comes with some size of orgasms, but an energetic orgasms can occur from any place in the body, and flow through the whole body (full body orgasms) and for some it can occur without touch.

Increasing Tantric Energy

Five basic practices:

  1. Breathe deeply.
  2. Practice eye gazing.
  3. Find the "resilient edge of resistance".
  4. Fake it till you feel it!
  5. Release your expectations.

Chakras Diagram

Chakras small.png


Acknowledgements: The incredible Brad and Sam who I met in Guatemala and collectively told me about Timo's workshop and helped me realize I want to pursue Tantra again - even if I don't currently have a partner to take along with me who is interested in this stuff.