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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Poems

My Hopeless Romantic Scale to check in with your partner!

This page started as a list of sweet poems that I read and liked and then evolved. Some I wrote myself.

If in doubt about how a poem will be received by someone you've recently started dating, the just ask your special friend where she or he currently falls on the hopeless romantic comfort scale. Your answer will quickly tell you if your poem will be met with a smile, or if a poem might scare that someone away. In my experience American women are not used to any romance, and so it can freak them out if someone writes them a poem - either in a good way or bad way - it's hard to guess sometimes.


    Andrew Noske

Sweet Poems

Here are some sweet to let your friends know you are thinking of them. :)

Savoring the World

Every morning I awake torn between a desire to save the world and an inclination to savor it.
This makes it hard to plan the day. But if we forget to savor the world, what possible reason do
we have for saving it? In a way, the savoring must come first.

-- E.B. White

A Different Kind of Beauty (excerpt)

She told me that I had "a different kind of beauty." She could not allow herself to feel - I wonder what that would be like - to only think things and never to feel them.

Her observations of the world, though, were rather poetic, and I was glad to make her laugh.

We met on a bridge, representative of my current state in life: between places.

So I shall always remember meeting her in space. Over a river.

Like children we were, living life slowly, as if we were doing it for the first time, sitting on the edge of a pond. And I can’t forget the way she enabled me to live a whole life in three days.

And I know I had kissed her hands, but I wondered if she had felt my face, as most people see my face and my eyes and have thoughts about them, but how many truly feel my face with all the nerves of their fingertips, recognizing it again in the future? And then - what would she think? Or better yet, how would she feel? Before and after the ayahuasca - how would she feel about herself, and about how I hope she has retained in her some part of me?

-- Jen Mu (translated from the mural below)

A beautiful passage my friend Jen was commissioned to write on a wall in Porto

Sweet Poems by Andrew Noske (A.N.)

I actually have very few poems I've put here, because often the ones I write to friends are very personal. Oddly enough I have made more my sexy poems public than sweet poems.

You Improve My Day

I wanted to take a little time to feel a sun ray,
Just to breathe deeply, feel the wind, and say:

Every-time I think of your face I smile a little,
And it helps improve my day. :)

-- Andrew Noske

The Resilient Songbird

Looking at her luscious lips and smile one would never imagine deep scars. Years of physical and physiological abuse and control.

I want to tell her she has a unique type of beauty. A beauty that comes with strength and love for a child. A battle for freedom. An unbreakable compassionate heart. A playful energy that refused to quit, and that she shares with me now.

Not all our time will be deep conversation.
I long to show her tender kisses on her lips.
To open her door and hold her hand.
To respectfully stroke her incredible hips.

On the dance floor she lights up,
What a tragedy that no man has ever taken her out dancing like this.
Should I tell her she's beautiful now,
No, I will wait till our first kiss.

She represents a different breed of wonderful. Like a magnificent songbird that cannot be chased. A bird that flies are and that can never again be controlled or owned in any way. It must come to you when ready. And when she does come to me, I hope I can show her a different kind of love and respect. To raise the bar and make her feel safe. To explore every millimeter of her lips in appreciation of her vulnerability and resilience. Let her know that I am thinking of her.

-- Andrew Noske

Dancer's Touch

I can't stop thinking of your smile,
Genuine and sweet like a warm drink on a cold day.
Unforgettable lips, cheeky and sexy,
In some mysterious way.

I asked to lift you up,
And at first you said no.
But already your huge beating heart,
Had stolen the show.

I can't stop thinking about your electric touch,
Your fingers caressing my arms with care.
My hands slowly exploring your legs.
A dance like this incredibly rare.

Once after we touched mindfully,
It was hard not to resist sweeping you up.
Touching your face,
And wanting to fill up your cup.

I can't stop thinking your lips,
And the way you sat on my lap too.
So comfortable and easy,
And my excitement to get to know you.

Insightful, intelligent and kind,
I crave more of your time and to open this magical door.
I know that with each new details I learn about you,
I will want you even more.

This poem is kept sweet,
But it could turn sexy too.
Imagining the intensity of spark in our touch,
If I was deep inside you.

I've never been so tempted to ask someone for a kiss on the dance floor.

We only danced for a brief moment.
But in that moment you froze time.

-- Andrew Noske