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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Music

One of Dhevhan Keith's albums
One of Noelani Love's albums

Spotify is my favorite music player. It's supported as a phone app, web player and desktop app on all platforms and it's great for sharing songs with friends and discovering new music. On this page I want to make public some of my playlists and playlists from friends.

If I think you are awesome, don't be surprised if I ask to add you. On one of my birthdays in Hawaii I insisted no physical presents, but that people could make me a birthday playlist. I highly recommend making or asking for Spotify Birthday Playlists... you'll get lots of fun insights into friends by the songs they add. Another idea is to host a party with a theme and everyone picks two songs and explains their choice. You might call it a Spotify Shared Playlist Party. Enjoy!

Selected Playlists

Some of My Playlists

  • Andrew Noske: (search "Andrew Noske" )
    • Noske Likes - Everything I've ever liked on spotify... updated Aug 23, 2022
    • Fire Dance - Slow - Some of my favorite slow fire dance songs to get warmed up... updated Jan 21, 2022
    • Fire Dance - Fast - Some faster fire dance pop songs that I like, but I haven't necessarily fire danced to yet, so take with salt if you fire dance... updated Jan 21, 2022

Friend Playlists

  • Cory Rothwell: (a.k.a. DJ Paradise)
    • Tribal Vibes 2 - 2021 - Love this playlist. Mostly EDM... the first cople are some of my favorite "Jol - Dena Amy" (I see you) and "Departure - Davis Scott trance" (trancy).
    • Tribal 5.5 - Slightly more trance again, I think my favorite is "Mystic - VOLO".
  • Natalya Al Omary :
    • Andrew - 60 amazing songs from DJ Nat! I was pestering Nat a while for some of her awesome fire dancing songs, and she delivered on my birthday. Love you Nat! :-D
  • Adam Vila:
    • Beats - 80 very magical and chill songs Adam shared with me on my birthday. Thanks Adam!
  • Ron Bronstein:
    • Ron Bronstein - Unpolished - Ron cheated and sent me a youtube video of lip "lap tapping" a song he wrote, because I don't think he is on spotify. I'll let it slide this once... but just because you're talented Ron!
  • Iliana:
    • Birthday Playlist - Iliana is so unbelievabley sweet she made a specific playlist for my birthday. How did she know I love Phil Colins?! I have no idea, but yay!
  • Liddy:
    • Liddy 2021 - The incredible firespinning Liddy added a bunch of like likes for me, pretty eclectic. Now I just have to chase up her 2022 likes!
  • Rebecca:
    • Rebecca's Likes (coming soon) - Another firegoddess and plant medicine woman. I adore Rebecca's music, this is a really huge list of songs - largely chillout EDM but some coldplay and other classics in there.

Friends Who Produce Music!

So turns out some of my friends are so talented they produce albums and have their songs on Spotify!

  • Dhevhan Keith:
    • The amazing Dhevhan Keith is like a brother to me. He runs a Trial by Fire fire spinning community on Oahu, but he's a very talented guitarist with a beautiful voice and a past life as a recording artist. Soulful and heartfelt. I love you brother.
  • Noelani Love:
    • The talented Noelani Love lives in Oahu, is a voice coach, and sings incredible soulful music, often in the Hawaiian language. Some of her songs are renditions of traditional Hawaiian songs, and many are her own. All are beautiful. I've seen her perform may times in intimate little gatherings, and she is magic at running workshops.
  • Zorg Ztocouc:
    • I met mysterious Zorg at ecstatic dance. Turns out he's a badass didgeridoo artist, and his albums are this great quality hippy music!
  • Timbre Truth:
    • So Timbre' is homeless, and I interviewed her and her partner for my Homeless in Haight book. Turns out she has an amazing voice and recorded an unforgettable album in her van! Please listen and support her - she's a gem!
One of Zorg's albums

Spotify Tips

How to: Create a Playlist

Oh this is pretty easy... open Spotify on your desktop web browser or phone. The screenshots below are for web player, but it will be very similar on your phone. :)


  1. Open Spotify on any platform (create an account if not already)
  2. Click Create Playlist
  3. Give your playlist a name, description and optional photo. By default it uses album covers to make a thumbnail, which is actually pretty fun, but not as fun as a photo of you dancing like a mad person!
  4. Start searching for songs and drag them into your playlist.
    1. Hot Tip: After using spotify a while it learns your tastes and at the end of the year creates a playlist of your most listened to songs which you should turn into an playlist to share with your favorite people!
Creating a new playlist via the web player.
Sharing an playlist.

How to: Share a Playlist

What point is a playlist if you don't share it with me!

Pretty easy:

  1. Click into your playlist or (on a computer) right click on it.
  2. Click Share and Copy link to playlist.
  3. Text/email it to your friend.
  4. (Optional) Click Add to profile so people who find/friend you can discover this playlist without you sharing each link.
    1. Hot tip: There is also a button to make a playlist collaborative, so if you a planning an event everyone can add their favorite songs.
Adding any song to a playlist, pretty intuitive drag it in.

Sweet Idea: Got a friend going through hard times? Happens to all of us. Cheer them up by creating a playlist just for them, with some of your favorite songs that might cheer them up and let you know you care. Add a photo of them as the album cover.

How to: Follow Friends

This is pretty easy too... you need to know your friends alias on Spotify or have them share the URL ... my alias is "Andrew Noske" and user URL is Just type that into the address bar and hit follow. Any playlists they've added to their profile you will see. This is the fun social element of Spotify.

How to: Turn your Likes into a Playlist for Sharing via the Desktop Application

What better playlist to share than all the songs you've ever liked? Spotify automatically has an button that has all your likes *but* for some reason you can't share it! (ouch) This particular task is harder than you'd expect, because currently (Mar 2022) only the desktop app allows selecting multiple songs, and there is no way you want to click EVERY song you've like to add it separately. Ouch! That's okay, installing the desktop app is nice anyway because then you can free up your browser.

  1. Install Spotitfy Desktop via:
  2. Click Create Playlist and call it something like "All My Likes".
  3. Click home and click into your Likes auto-playlist.
  4. Press [Ctrl]+[A] to select all of these.
  5. Drag them into your new playlist "All My Likes", and share as normal. Phew.. finally.

As you can see in this screenshot, there are some other advantages to the desktop app too, such as making your favorite songs available offline... perfect for a road trip!

Selecting multiple items (only available in the desktop app).

Why I Like Spotify

Spotify became my favorite music player in 2020, during the pandemic. Why did it take me so long? As a Google employee I was loyal to Google Music for many years, but then the deprecated it with the pretty ordinary Google YouTube Music.. and I decided I should finally migrate to Pandora or Spotify. I'm sure they are both good, but more of my friends use Spotify, and I head the sharing feature was better. Spotify is great! Honestly, I wish I'd started with Spotify and never bothered with the idea of *"I'll completely commit to the Google ecosystem"*, because Google kinda suck at the discovery and sharing of music. That's not to say I wouldn't change some things about spotify, but for the most part I'm a fan!

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