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Most e-mail servers won't let you send and/or receive files >10 MB, plus big files *can* clog up / slow down your inbox, so if you need to send big files I highly recommend using a web based file sharing service. These site let you upload your file(s) to their server (without needing FTP), and once uploaded send an e-mail to your recipient with a link to download the files. The files are often deleted from the server after two weeks, but that's still plenty of time to be downloaded.

I wrote the list below in 2011. Things may have changed since then..... most notably: I now recommend Google Drive for some serious storage capacity,, which allows you to quickly e-mail files up to 2 GB... or DropBox, which gives you 2GB to upload/sync folders, but some other options are listed below:

Web Based File Sharing Services

  • SERVER: {*****}
  • SPEC : 2 GB total
  • PROS : Cool interface and progress bar, can enter message & sender address, 2 GB file limit.
  • CONS : Few

  • SERVER: DropBox {*****}
  • SPEC : 2 GB total
  • PROS : Can store files/backup indefinietly, download program to sync "drop box" folder on Windows and/or OS.
  • CONS : Must create account; not specifically designed for sending.

  • SERVER: Sugarsync {*****}
  • SPEC : 5 GB free account (or various payment options for more space - 30GB=$50/year).
  • PROS : Very versatile and great interface for selecting which folders to sync.
  • CONS : Mostly for online backup, not but can work for sharing files.

  • SERVER: {****-}
  • SPEC : 2 GB total. 500 MB file limit.
  • PROS : Unlimited space, can create folders, manage and backup files.
  • CONS : Must register.

  • SERVER: {***--}
  • SPEC : 1 GB total. 1 GB file limit.
  • PROS : Good file limit
  • CONS : File expires in 5-10 days

  • SERVER: {***--}
  • SPEC : 1 GB total
  • PROS : Swarming bittorrent engine provides the best speeds, can upload whole folders.
  • CONS : Sender and receiver must instal software client :-(

  • SERVER: {***--}
  • SPEC : 6 GB total! 50 MB file limit.
  • PROS : Huge size limit, advanced profile and sharing options
  • CONS : Requires registration, file limit

  • SERVER: {**---}
  • SPEC : 100 MB file limit
  • PROS : VERY simple interface, lets you e-mail URL yourself
  • CONS : File limit, few options

  • SERVER: {**---}
  • SPEC : 1 GB total. 500 MB file limit.
  • PROS : Decent interface, can enter message and sender address.
  • CONS : File limit. Forces you to register and trial account only lets you send one file at a time.

  • SERVER: {*----}
  • SPEC : 100 MB file limit
  • PROS : Simple interface
  • CONS : Can't seem to add multiple recipients, single file at a time, files expire after 3 days only


Notice that almost most of these servers have to option to get a pro account for a few dollars a month to increase file limits etc, but most of us would never pay for something that can be done for free!

NOTE: I used to use a site called [] (formerly []), but as of July 2008 the site NO LONGER support this service.