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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Ecstatic Dance

Covid Update: This event was quite amazing over the pandemic... and it's still on in 2022!

Ecstaturday is an incredible and free outdoor ecstatic dance even in Golden Gate Park (San Francisco) every Saturday during the day. Just show up and expect a couple of people with flow toys to be around too. The powerhouse Steven Melter brings along a speaker and people jam out! It's a really intimate lovely way to spend the afternoon, and sometimes they even have workshops before of after the dance - sometimes as early as 1pm - you'll have to join the facebook group or look at the calendar to find out.

  • What: Amazing outdoor ecstatic dance
  • Cost: Free (no fixed price, but I think you can optionally donate/Venmo $10-20)
  • When: Every Saturday 3pm-5pm
  • Where: East Hellman Hollow Meadow, Golden Gate park (map) - not far from the big tree - if you arrive at 2pm you might not see many people, just a small group laying down (music might start late or very soft). Only by 4pm is it easy to see the group dancing more energetically.
  • What to wear: Suitable dance attire, you'll be bear foot... see more here.
  • Website: "Ecstaturday Dance Community" on Facebook (to see the latest one).
Ecstaturday in Golden Gate park. :)

What is Ecstatic Dance

I think the best thing you can do, for a full explanation, is to read my Ecstatic Dance article. It explains things in depth. Covid has forced out outdoors, but that is actually a wonderful thing!

Golden Gate Park Venue

This is a fabulous place to bring a little picnic. People keep their distance, but I've had fun bringing a little towel so I can get someone to hold the other end of the towel and you can thus *kind of* dance with someone that way. :)

Often there's 10-40 people... depends on the day. There will be plenty of other people in the park, so hopefully you're not shy about the idea that other people can see you. Because yes, they will see you dance. Who cares! :)

Don't forget sunglasses and sunscreen! Parking can be tricky, but if you have your own car you might even decide to bring a little picnic.

Origin Story

Ecstaturday was originally called SaturDance and started by fabulous Gabriel Francisco during the pandemic. All the indoor places shut down but Gabriel the wanted to keep us moving so you would bring a bluetooth headset and tune into Sadly Gabriel now lives in Hawaii, but it lives on through others follow a rebranding. And now we use a speaker!

Flyer from the facebook page.

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Acknowledgements: My friend, Kira Olsen - for helping me discover this! And of course Gabriel Francisco and Steven Melter, for creating and keeping this dance running. Thank you Gabriel and Steven! :)