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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Dance

This page is not an exhaustive list of nightclubs in San Francisco... just a few that I know of where you can maybe dance. Dancing is very important to me, so my rankings are largely based on my taste in music and room to dance properly... versus get drunk and be in mosh pit.

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Night Clubs in San Francisco (good for dancing)

Name Location Evaluation / Times


Everything north of market street

Cigar Bar

850 Montgomery St

San Francisco, Financial District

Very trendy place, with a bar area one side, then cross a little courtyard and you'll find a very crowded dance floor. I find it's a bit too crowded honestly, but it's a popular place for people to dance and the music is decent - often with a live band. They also have salsa classes are every Saturday night beginning at 8:30pm for ~$12 (less if you make a beer purchase).
Friday and Saturdays for salsa

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Tupelo - Sometimes love music. A little country, had fun there once.

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Maggie McGarry's - secret state opens at 10pm with a live band and dance floor. Can get crowded by 10:30.


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Monroe SF - The insanely crowded place, younger crowd, drinking.


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