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About This Page

I used this place to help apply for a room in San Francisco (California) in Feb 2018.

My Room Application

Picture of me taken 2017
  • Topic: Driven 34 y/o Aussie Google engineer looking for a room to rent in SF area
  • Status: FOUND A PLACE IN NOB HILL (moving in March 1st) !!!! Thanks to all who helped. :)

The Basics

  • Age/Gender: ....... 34 y/o male.
  • Job: .................... Google Maps engineer @ Mountain View campus (before that a neuroscience postdoc), and Google has free buses from the city.
  • Status: ................ Single. Slowly getting back into dating soon... here's my embarrassing dating video to see my personality.

  • Move reason: .......... I'm currently renting room in Sunnyvale with a lovely friend, however her father has health issues and she need to take him back. Fortunately my lease is flexible (month to month) but I need to move out before March 10.
  • Ideal room: .............. Furnished, near Mission, decent amount of space
    (I gave away most of my furniture a year ago because I needed an update!).
    Looking to live at least 6 months. Shared room with others $900-1500 would be nice (hopefully some privacy to the room though!)... or maybe a studio if it's around $2500 or below. I'm trying to save money to buy my own place in the next couple of years.
  • Ideal room-mate(s): ........... I'm single and dating, and honestly, the last place I lived in (prior to the current one) I got surprised when I was told I wasn't really allowed guests / overnight guests - because that really makes dating hard! Who wants to date a guy in that situation. Ideally I would be living with people around my age, maybe younger, because I do like to go out dancing a great deal (not so much drinking, but definitely dancing), and I'm a social creature. I like the idea of a housemate who we can go out together and challenge each other in our personal and professional lives. :)
  • Ideal move date: ..... Anytime before March 10 st. I'm not tied to a lease, which is nice. :)

  • Linked in: ........
  • Facebook: ........
  • Website: .......... (you're looking at it)

Contact Info

Full Name: ...... Dr. Andrew Brett Noske
Mobile: .... 858-349-2901
E-mail: ....

See also: Craigslist ad (jan 30) manage

Extra Info

I've lived 5 years in silicon Valley and... well it's a bit boring. I'm excited to try living somewhere different. :)

My main interests: dancing, hiking, hanging out with friends.

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