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I was never the best at spelling or grammar, and have always relied way too heavily on spell checker. Although the spell checker gets most of my hastily typed spelling mistakes, I always lave a lot of grammar mistakes in the document. Below is a list of things I like to check when I do my last proof read.

Grammar and Spelling Checklist

  • Search (CTRL + F) for these:
    • "there", "their" and every "they're". (I often get these wrong)
    • "it's" and "its".
    • "your" and "you're".
    • "to", "too" and "two". (it's quite embarrassing I still make this typo)

Due to the way I edit sentences by selecting and dragging sections of text I'm often left with joining words missing or out of place - so it's a good idea to read it allowed - because reading your head you tend to skip these words.

And then I get someone to proof-read for common little typos such as saying "ever" instead of "every" and so on.

Being Concise

  • The words "in order to" can usually be replaced by "to"
  • Words like "essentially", "fundamentally" and so on are usually unnecessary