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The most popular presentation tool people use is Microsoft PowerPoint, however there are alternative. Here I list any of these alternatives I find.

Web Based File Sharing Services

  • PROGRAM: KeyNote
  • COST: $79.00 as part of Apple's iWork-09 package which also inclues Pages and Numbers
  • SUMMARY: I far prefer KeyNote to PowerPoints: it's more intuitive and features some great 3D transitions and animations. I've written more about keynote here: KeyNote, or you could watch the official video tutorials. Only downside is it ONLY works on Mac.

  • SERVER: Prezi
  • SPEC: FREE for cutdown version, where your slides are public, $50/year more advanced version with more stage space.
  • SUMMARY: Prezi is implemented in Flash and quite brilliant - it allows you to create a huge canvas, and then you achieve a presentation by zooming in and out between the elements on your canvas. You have to sign up with an e-mail address and password, then you're able to create some pretty cool presentations which you can access online.