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I don't write poetry every day, but I've decided I should keep a record of what I do write... it might inspire me to write more. :)

Related/Child Pages:

  • Poem collections by me:
    • Animal poems - A collection I'm working on "fur and feathers"! It consists of many poems about many animals - most of them representing/dedicated to friends who associate with that animal as their "spirit animal" and/or the animal which best represents them. What animal represents you? :)
    • Silly animal poems - A very small collection of nonsense.

  • Poems by friends:
    • A Dance - A poem by my amazing friend Chelsea about one of the many lovely dances we've shared.
    • Untitled1 - Another wonderful poem by Chelsea.. this one to the group!

  • Classics:
    • Bell Birds - A poem by Henry Kendall I recited in grade 9.
    • Be Thankful - An unknown author, but a lovely reminder to be thankful not necessarily for the things you have, but the things that you don't have. The hardships, and the chance to grow.

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